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    Key Battery

    What battery does the 2019 SQ2 key fob take? Does it need recoded after battery replacement?
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    MK1 Roadster Wet Passenger Footwell

    No more wet since l reseatted the door seal and plastic foot kick trim, l did use a bit of sealant as mentioned in that pdf link. Hopefully wont come back.
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    MK1 Roadster Wet Passenger Footwell

    What l was using to help dry was putting a folded towel down then heavy plastic box on top. Soaks most up after a while. Full heat air into footwell. It a lot better now but still feels as though its still getting in somewhere. I just read a post about seals...
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    MK1 Roadster Wet Passenger Footwell

    I am having the same similar issue. Mines is not a roadster however. Passenger footwell wet. Again the seal has water sitting in it on the bottom side, if you peel it back a bit the water is obvious, driver side is fine. There is interior trim that joins together at the bottom of the door and l...
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    S3 8V Manual clutch torque limit

    I had mine up to 335ft lbs. So would like some safety margin, considering l would like to go bigger turbo this time.
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    S3 8V Manual clutch torque limit

    Ok, so the clutch is made of chocolate. My last 8P clutch went around 15k miles, on stage one with CAI, TBE. I went through different clutches over the 6 years l had it. Last one being single mass, which was hard on the clutchin and a but rattley. Considering l would probably go the same route...
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    S3 8V Manual clutch torque limit

    Pity. Not really wanting go down the uprated clutch route again. A well, looks like l will have to pass on this 4400mls motor.
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    S3 8V Manual clutch torque limit

    I have been looking to buy an auto for some time but have come across a manual that l cant pass on. I usually modify them but have had an 8V, only 8P. What is the OEM clutch good for above standard, say stage 1,2 etc. My 8P had to get clutch change when l went 2+.
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    S3 8V DSG question

    Coming back to S3 after a few years of AMG and V6 since giving away my 8P. Anyone know what the DSG is good for with regards to torque figures.
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    TTRS 8S TTE625

    Ah right. Jonny Cocker did his TTRS in a similar fashion, maybe further.
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    TTRS 8S TTE625

    Jonnys old car?
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    Hi, sorry just saw this post. Have a look at this link...

    Hi, sorry just saw this post. Have a look at this link.
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    Door issue

    Seems it may be the cable from handle to lock mechanism that has play in it, just replaced the door latch and still the same.
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    Door issue

    I had mine in to sort out window regulator problem. Obviously the door was apart and put back together. The next day the problem started, end of December. Wife took it back to Audi and they said its a common problem on 3 door cars with high mileage. My wife pointed out that it never happened at...
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    Door issue

    Having an issue with the door, short version first. Open the door with key fob and handle wont open door. Only way in is via internal handle. Any ideas?
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    New car loses power

    A few pics of your car wouldnt go a miss as well.
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    Tyre choice

    Anyone ran Fulda sportcontrol tyres on there motors?
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    NGK Coil packs

    Are there any gains to be had by using a set of NGK coils packs instead of OEM?
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    Help with Audi A4 android install.

    In your first ebay listing, this is the harness l got with my Dynavin HU. l have mine all wired up except the Amp Con. The blue wire in the listing picture. Where does that go?
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    Android RNS-E

    Ive got Bose, had a noise suppressor inline with the rcas but that was my source of the problem. l feeling l may not be getting much from the amp, or from the rear.