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  1. Johnoz

    Facelift Weird Tyre Wear on RS3 (FL)

    Funny you say that, I was wondering if it was done at Audi and all the results are in the green, what then! “So why are my tyres wearing on the inside edges“ you could ask them lol. To get some **** and ball story. Then that comes to the PS4S as technically they don’t make the right size and...
  2. Johnoz

    Facelift Weird Tyre Wear on RS3 (FL)

    Bit of a thread revival, Did this ever gather any ground AudiNutta did a lot of work on this. Reason I say Mine has been in Audi today, MOT and brake fluid change, 5 years old now.. On there video I was surprised they pointed out the 2 front tyres were wareing on the inside edges, and advised 4...
  3. Johnoz

    RS3 Carbon Ceramic Brakes Issue

    I found they don't squeak from cold but more after a longer journey where you don't touch the brakes much and then yes them at slower speeds. Have always found they are really grabby in town driving. I only have them cos they look cool, was just the option to tick.
  4. Johnoz

    Facelift Exhaust tip flaking TPI

    I have just been told that this is not covered under warranty as there are too many external sources to cause damage, like stones etc :blink:
  5. Johnoz

    Sportback Michellin ps4s?

    Only 10 minuets from Goodwood so rude not to go lol. So apart from wider front rims, an optioned staggered set up car would that have any software differences to a square set up car to tell it there is a difference?
  6. Johnoz

    Sportback Michellin ps4s?

    Not sure if this is a known fact but, all this talk on what size is the best in place of the Pirellis had me thinking! I have asked the odd question on here, and read all the comments that you have all put. I am still none the wiser on the definite answer? Some of you say yo have no problems...
  7. Johnoz

    Can I run 245 35 R19 and 235 35 R19 on a staggered set up PS4S tires

    I guess the rolling circumference is for a new tyre! New tyres have 8mm of tread and you can ware them down to 1.6mm! Surely thats a greater difference than the few mm quoted?
  8. Johnoz

    Average waiting time

    are cars still coming through? thought they were all on stop?
  9. Johnoz

    RS3 8Y General Discussion Thread.

    The creases In the passenger seat already for a 27 mile car.
  10. Johnoz


    On the subject of coatings, Paul did a great job of mine using his Modesta Range back in May 18 lol, and its still going strong.
  11. Johnoz

    Restriction on Resale

    Looks like flat bottom = round airbag and Round = square airbag.
  12. Johnoz

    Crewe Audi stock

    Registered on the 3rd December, and lost a months tax on it too.
  13. Johnoz

    Sportback Michellin ps4s?

    Sorry to bring up the subject again, but there is some things I don't understand!. I have the staggered set up so 255 front and 235 rear. My understanding is the hight of a tyre is the % of the width, so taking a 255/30 and replacing it with a 245/35 is a 18,5mm larger circumference 2.83% 235/35...
  14. Johnoz

    Tracking our new RS3?

    Are you sure on that one!
  15. Johnoz

    Tracking our new RS3?

    Its funny, when I ordered my 8v all that time ago, it a amended on the line order to what I wanted, that was in the middle of September and the delivery date was in December sometime I always said I wanted a Jan reg date for the reasons said above, anyhow car turned up mid November so I was...
  16. Johnoz

    Tracking our new RS3?

    I guess you were typing at the same time as me lol. My 8V is registered 2nd jan 18 makes all the difference now.
  17. Johnoz

    Tracking our new RS3?

    I would hang out for a January delivery as it will be a 2022 registered car.
  18. Johnoz

    Tracking our new RS3?

    All this talk of Daytona, lights, smoke and mirrors, well in my eyes it is a fantastic colour. This was my car May 18 when the Great Paul Dalton did a new car detail on it. And here we are Dec 21 and it still looks as good.
  19. Johnoz

    Tracking our new RS3?

    I thought the same.
  20. Johnoz

    Tracking our new RS3?