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    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    My 3.2 Quattro vert fitted with genuine Audi 19" Q5 alloys.
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    Pics of your wheels (sticky perhaps?)

    My vert on genuine Audi Q5 alloys. They are 19" 8J ET39 - a perfect fit for the A4.
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    A new set of shoes.

    I'm in the not so sure side, they look a bit like Meccano wheels to me. However it is cool to see something different!
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    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    They certainly do sit well mate! They look really good, much better than my 18's. I think I'm going to have to invest in a set! Do you mind me asking if there are reps or genuines and where you got them?
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    Post pics of your B7 A4/S4!

    Nice car Andy, it's good to see a fellow Cab owner :). Looks very much like Blackheath? Are the alloys 18's or 19's? I have the same but yours look bigger than my 18's...
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    Where's Best To Get An Rns-e Mk2 For A4 B7?

    Hi Dan, I purchased one of the Seat Exeo units from eBay (the seller was toys_for_vw_boys). It arrived promptly via UPS. It was in as new condition and went straight in. I was then able to change the splash screen from Seat to Audi using VCDS. Obviously I can't comment on the customer...
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    My car so far

    Nice car. Really like the interior colour :)
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    Red 09 a4 2.0T S line cab

    Very nice, I've always liked Cabs in red :) Not sure I'm feeling the filler cap though...