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  1. JohnboyC

    Really Iritating Tv Adverts....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I don't usually find buying cars a "Cinch" - sorry Rylan even with a 14 day moneyback guarantee there is no way I would entertain this method of buying a car. When it comes to TV adverts I start watching something 20 mins after its started and fast forward thru the adverts ....cos most are...
  2. JohnboyC

    Naga Viper Chilli's

    I am gonna HAVE to grow some of these bad boys in the greenhouse next year :laugh: By the way....the bloke on video must be nuts ! Naga Viper : The Hottest Chilli in the World
  3. JohnboyC

    Time to get raped by car insurance! ......

    Well its not just you youngsters getting shafted wifes Mondeo 2007 2.2 TDCi ST ...last year about £325 to insure it.....this year cheapest we can get it is £425 witha £500 excess ...she is a Doctor, 13K miles per annum, aged 40, max no claims, no accidents, and a clean licence...
  4. JohnboyC

    Mountain bikes

    Top tip....lock whichever bike you get - My Carrera Kraken got nicked from my Garage - so lock it up to something imoveable ! Don't scimp on quality of lock either ! Now got a Claude Butler hybrid.....which is so much better on roads, old railway tracks, canal paths, etc :-)
  5. JohnboyC


    Watching the team of over paid tossers (apparently on £150K a WEEK) was painful - there was no passion in England at all....You see more skill, flair & get up & go in a Sunday League match ! The look on the Princes William & Harry faces said it all for me ! I reckon Capello should do us all...
  6. JohnboyC

    My New Baby!

    Looks cracking good fun.....
  7. JohnboyC

    Gordon Brown resigns!

    Yes, good riddance !!!!!! Sorry, but after GB stitched up self employed sub contractors with IR35 as another tax raising wheeze I absolutely cannot stand the bloke.. completely shafted anyone who wanted to work hard, take a bit of a risk, and reap some decent rewards ! ..shame he won't have to...
  8. JohnboyC

    Hung parliament!

    All I want is the next Government to advertise exactly what Labour have been up to and detail how much we, UK PLC, are in the sh1t. Unfortunantly, whoever wins, and forms the next government, they are going to have to make some nasty decisions in terms of tax rises, civil service job culls and...
  9. JohnboyC

    Admiral Insurance 'Warning' letter

    Time to dump your insurance company - I have NO loyalty to ANY financial institution these days....give Swiftcover a go....they do me alright and were excellent when I was side swiped on the M25 by a foreign 40 tonne lorry...
  10. JohnboyC

    gordon brown caught out

    Well, I reckon a significant number of the indigenous UK population think immigration is out of control, and the benefits culture creates "natural" Labour supporters.... Well, I don't mind immigrants who come here to work....but I do not think they should be provided with any benefits until...
  11. JohnboyC

    How will you vote?

    Have missed my local MP pitching up at my front door.....shame that I was at my band practice when the three leaders were on the telly last week......on asking the wife if she watched it she said that she would rather put her head in the oven and turn the gas on than watch that utter...
  12. JohnboyC

    How will you vote?

    And here was me thinking that Audi Sport forums would be a "General Election" free zone...grumble..... Bring in Proportional Representation, ban MP's from holding second jobs/directorships, ban unelected (so called) Government Ministers (like bent Mandleson), ban MP's from buying second homes...
  13. JohnboyC

    How will you vote?

    I am voting for the Icelandic Volcano Party. Its done more to stop immigration in the last 5 days than Labour have done in teh last 10 years ! Oops unpolitically correct joke in a serious Forum....
  14. JohnboyC

    A sad day in my house

    Sorry to hear about your poor pussy cat..... We actually don't have any pets as both wife & I work full time, and with young 2 kids we don't have the time to look after any pets.... BUT....for the past 8 years a near neighbours grey british shorthaired cat (with a lovely friendly...
  15. JohnboyC

    TV License. How generous!

    How true....and don't forget us TV Licence paying punters still have to fund the excessive saleries of the so called BBC Management - and their so called stars/ least we will not be funding Russel Brand or Jonafon Woss
  16. JohnboyC

    Falklands again???

    Will be interesting to see what happens and if the Argies do invade......there is now way we could mount a task force like in 1982, cos the namby pamby governments we have in place since then (i.e. post Thatcher) have continuously cut the defence budgets to sod all, to fund the ballooning...
  17. JohnboyC

    This Goverment...

    "Reduce Tax ???" get real....when has any Government reduced tax ? I thoroughly object to the fact my tax's are being used to support a marching army of idle beneifit claiments and corrupt politicians in their jobs" I nearly choked when I heard Browns latest phrase "Fairness for all" -...
  18. JohnboyC

    John Terry - England Captain, Yes or No?

    Last year he was voted "Dad of the Year" ...and he had to knock off his wifes next door neighbour friend. The bloke is apparently on £170K a WEEK !!! Obviously he is completely thick as well as ****** stupid. A tw*t of a role model. So NO is my response.
  19. JohnboyC

    Fake £20 notes Alert!

    What identifies them as it easy to tell ? The only time I ever use cash these days is 1) at the pub & 2) my music teacher
  20. JohnboyC

    Posting a Steering Wheel & Airbag

    Unbelievable put "local pick up only" in the advert - someone from Finland wants it - whats that about explosive devices and airpalnes.....