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  1. Gaz78

    Considering buying at 2008 MK2 TTS - Advice needed.

    I had a tts, got it remapped and it was running 319bhp.....loved the car. Clutches can fail when remapped if your looking at doing this. Cam follower kit from awesome is £50 and a dead easy 30 min job to do from top of engine. I do miss my TTS Gaz
  2. Gaz78

    Newbie with TTS

    Hi guys Thought I would say hi before posting any questions etc I own a 2009 TTS in panther black with the black/grey colour leather combo. Got to say absolutely love the car after only owning it for 2 months! I also ride a 2006 Suzuki GSX1400......when the sun's out I do anyway! I'm a member...