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  1. Darran

    Audi 2.0 TFSI no boost , major headache

    I'm over near Matlock so if you get stuck give me a shout and we will do some logging, I've got vcds so we can figure it.
  2. Darran

    Audi 2.0 TFSI no boost , major headache

    Is wastegate actuator stuck open?? Where about are you?Also if cat has collapsed you will get this problem.
  3. Darran

    Audi 2.0 TFSI no boost , major headache

    What diagnostic system was the garage using?
  4. Darran

    Audi 2.0 TFSI no boost , major headache

    Sounds like timing issue!
  5. Darran

    Hi, need help on engine! Thanks.

    The loom is cheap compared to the price of an injector it is also a very common failing on pd engines, so change loom then if injector fault is still present you know injector is faulty and you will have already prevented what is inevitable (loom). By the way an open circuit on cars means there...
  6. Darran

    Hi, need help on engine! Thanks.

    I think your breakdown man needs to learn how to read his diagnostic machine and learn the difference between open and closed circuits! Change the loom and sack the breakdown man!
  7. Darran

    Can you test the N276

    If the n276 were faulty it would throw a code, fuel pressure regulation is critical any deviation beyond the narrow parameters throws instant DTC.
  8. Darran

    Hi, need help on engine! Thanks.

    1 injector maybe , new injector loom ,and egr clean or replace hardly cause to replace engine, 130,000 is not high mileage.
  9. Darran

    Audi 2.0 TFSI no boost , major headache

    You need to plug vcds in and go for a drive , do some logging see what is happening with boost and boost control.
  10. Darran

    [Q] Does Anyone Know What This Is?

    errrrrrrrrrrrr think id be running away whilst on the phone to the bomb squad.:undwech:
  11. Darran

    Rodents taken up residence in my intercooler ducts .....

    Basically the gases would not cool right down but to be honest in an average car they dont make a huge difference, there is some extra bhp to be gained but unless you freeze the airflow right down (thus making intake air much denser therefore bigger bang) the average intercooler is more about...
  12. Darran

    unusual code ASB engine.

    16986 P0602 Control Module Programming Error/Malfunction Control Module Programming Error ECM not programed - ECM program - Faulty ECM - Wrong ECM Make sure the engine ECU under O/S of bonnet under scuttle panel is not soaking wet due to blocked plenum
  13. Darran

    Clutch noise...?

    i conur 100% with above, clutches normally go around 150 thou nowadays , earlier if you tow with vehicle. By the way your pic looks suspiciously like a corner ive also scraped my elbows and knees on , Malloy per chance ?
  14. Darran

    Annoying rattle

    If you open the glove box approximately 10 more times the hinges will break and the door will fall off and all your problems are gone.:p
  15. Darran

    Plate light error

    Can buy a complete led number plate light unit or 2 as the case maybe ,whole unit screws in and replaces festoon carrier.
  16. Darran


    £50 and my best unused nanny goat.
  17. Darran

    Plate light error

    Ok, click Forums button top of this page , then scroll down to technical , then second from the bottom says VCDS (formerly VAG-COM) forum Click that one.
  18. Darran

    Plate light error

    Here's the link.