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  1. akash_sky1

    Fitted new brakes today :)

    How are the new the brakes on the A3? I missssss the car man! Hope your enjoying it
  2. akash_sky1

    What power....??

    It dyno'd at 283 bhp and 320lb Ft torque, I have the dyno plot on here somewhere...
  3. akash_sky1

    What power....??

    The most the internals in the AXX 2.0TFSI in my old/your new car can take is around 350 LB FT torque before they need upgrading. The mapping has been done very well to minimize excessive & sudden load on the pistons when the turbo spools. So despite the huge and very rapid kick in the back you...
  4. akash_sky1

    ** HELP :( whats wrong ????? .........

    It could be shield behind the brake disc, I had to remove the right rear shield when it became loose and caused a hideous screeching rubbing/ knocking sound. Thats why your drivers side one is missing! I had the front wheel bearings replace in May so it's deffo not those. Hope your enjoying my...
  5. akash_sky1

    The P-Flo is fitted- Some pics inside of it fitted.

    I had one of these on my A3, throttle response was MUCH better on pulling away with a warm engine after I fitted a heat reflective wrap around the whole intake. It gets very hot. Also its easy to make a cold air feed from the fog light area which helps a lot at higher speeds.
  6. akash_sky1

    NEW Sachs clutch is slipping!

    Not sure if the part no for your fricition plate is the same as on my 2.0TFSI, pretty sure it is though, and mine WAS fitted the wrong way a round. So in my case at least it was possible. Mine was a quattro and a petrol but I don't think that makes any difference here.
  7. akash_sky1

    NEW Sachs clutch is slipping!

    When this happened to me after fitting a new Sachs Clutch & OEM DMF it was because the friction plate was fitted the wrong way around! One sign of this is that new clutch biting point was WAY higher after the new one was fitted.
  8. akash_sky1

    A3 is gone, hello FL '12 A5 cab

    Straight swop? haha far from it, 2005 A3 with 80k Miles vs new 2012 A5 a good trade in price though. Here's another pic when I collected it [/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG] The FL headlights look frickin awesome:yum: . It's a 2.0TFSI quattro S-Tronic. Not so bothered about...
  9. akash_sky1

    A3 is gone, hello FL '12 A5 cab

    Cheers .Me too, I'm in love. Wanted something brisk, but more of a cruiser with all the toys, and sh*tloads of style. The ride and clutch in the A3 was becoming a pain in the ****. Will miss that little ****** though.
  10. akash_sky1

    A3 is gone, hello FL '12 A5 cab

    As per thread title the A3 is gone, after many mostly happy miles, with the odd blip. Traded it in for this. [/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG] My old car will be off to some auction in London area, complete with prvt plate and all mods still on! ( got a good price on the car and this...
  11. akash_sky1


    Shame it's not actually the fastest S3 in the UK and has blown an engine!
  12. akash_sky1

    Celtic tuning map? For 2.0t quattro a3.

    Celtic Tuning are rubbish. They have wild (unattainable) claims about their maps' power gains. 265 is not possible at all from a stage, more like 235-240 at the flywheel. They also seem pretty clueless about tuning when I e-mailed them with questions about fitting in intake onto my car and...
  13. akash_sky1

    My progression to my new RS3

    How does the RS2 compare to the other two?
  14. akash_sky1

    New intake ... With some growing pains...

    Make sure oyu've re-fitted the MAF correctly and not damaged any of the connections. Without running the heathshield there's a massive amount of heat going straight up from the turbo directly beneath the intake, so its absolutely vital. Also what software are you running? If its not mapped for a...
  15. akash_sky1

    Remapped Audi S3 vs stock Audi RS3?

    Stage 59++ and you'll take Veyron no problem :icon_thumright:
  16. akash_sky1

    want to hit 300hp..

    true that for aggressive driving on longer sweeping bends its more understeery, tight slow bends are fine though easy to get the back out ;-D
  17. akash_sky1

    want to hit 300hp..

    Thanks to my sachs clutch and haldex , at Crail the other day mine was the 3rd fasting launching car ( on 60ft times), thats with a GTR drag car and highly modded Evos etc, on a greasy track with odd front tyres lol.
  18. akash_sky1

    want to hit 300hp..

    You probably have more like 235-240bhp at the fly with just a stage 1 remap. I've done pretty much everything you can do bar fit a large FMIC and I consistently dyno'd 285bhp and 320 lb ft torque. Stattler reckoned it should make 300 bhp with my mods and the custom GIAC K03 Extreme map, and...
  19. akash_sky1

    Does BSH PCV Fix Cause slight rough idle

    I have this and have ZERO idle issues, and never have.
  20. akash_sky1

    Diverter Valve

    D is the one u need don't need a Forge one unless your running a BT....PS they can still fail though I have blown two Revision Ds and also one n75 , driving at WOT in 6th gear for miles on end doesn't half make some heat lol.