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  1. Darran

    Audi A7 2012 /245

    Need to use vcds and go into module and as nhn says see what coding is showing if any! Actual looking at your post there is no code in the module!do you have any previous scans before fault that should show original code?
  2. Darran

    Tried to Fit led lights

    If not I'm about 20 miles away.
  3. Darran

    Need help

    In the dark without proper fault codes, get it scanned vcds or anything that can give codes , but ideally with vcds.
  4. Darran

    09 Cent Elec .. A3 8P3

    Have you tried posting this in the a3 forum ? just a thought.
  5. Darran

    Day Running Lights (DRL) and VCDS, Dipped Beams Click lighting.
  6. Darran

    Day Running Lights (DRL) and VCDS, Dipped Beams

    This any good .
  7. Darran

    ***b7 s4 cutting out while driving***

    Looking at all the different ecu's that are losing power i would say you have a main power fault, start with the main + wire from the battery and work your way back, starter , alternator and so on, had this exact problem on a chrysler and it was the switch wire on the starter that was dodgy.