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  1. 69COU

    ??? Changing Fuel filter on 1.9TDT

    :unsure:Hi where abouts is the fuel filter on these and is it an easy DIY to change. Any pictures? Thanks
  2. 69COU

    Possible solution to the dreaded multitronic gearbox ECU

    Like many of you I have had the dreaded "PRNDS" flashing on dash. Rather than paying AUDI £800 odd I came across this service whilst surfing to repair your exising ECU. £300!!! Not sure if anyone has done this yet or tried them, with 2 year warranty sounds like a possible good solution...
  3. 69COU

    A4 Multi gearbox flashing on DIS - GREAT service from Audi

    Basically , the Audi official line is to deny it has come across the problem if cars are out of waranty or serviced outside main dealers. I did say to mine surely with the volume of this problem as reported on the WEB it is a manafacturing problem with ECU sensors. I am sure AUDI do not make...
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    Price for Alloys

  5. 69COU

    Windscreen washer woes

    How do i get to connections of bumper headlight washers. My screenwash is leaking somewhere on one of the connections? I pulled out the water bottle by removing wheel arch cover and checked this for leaks not anywhere there so by deduction thing it is where the headlamp washers connect. Do i...
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    Anyone else got experence of getting Gearbox ECU changed free by Audi. I have same problem on 2003 A4 , bought from Audi 2 years ago, however have serviced since with a Audi Specialist. If electrical known problem any chance of saying should be recall free like the Audi TT dash displays...
  7. 69COU

    2003 1.9TDI ( All gear selection lights flashing)

    My 2003 has started intermitidly going into a stange mode ( Multitronic Gearbox) All gear box selection lights flash and although selecting reverse car remains as if in neutral. It is only happening every now and again. Please help.:sos:
  8. 69COU

    Changing Brakelight bulbs

    That's quite simple, last time my my wife took the car into Audi ( Day after we bought breaklight bulb went) Bill for Part £1.95 Labour £23.75 + Vat Total £30.20 to change a bulb. Robbers!!!:blackrs4:
  9. 69COU

    Changing Brakelight bulbs

    Sorry if this sounds liuke a silly question but how do you get to the back of tail lights on our cars. ( Saloon) Thanks PC:notme:
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    GMBH body kits

    Whats a good price???
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    Adding safety camera information to Factory Fit

    Has anyone come across a way of adding. I recently came across the following link on a BMW site but dont think my IT skills really understand the process or indeed if it could be done with the CD version of Nav+ in my A4
  12. 69COU

    TDi PD Diesel Tuning Mod/Chip

    TDI TUNING Chip Box +38 BHP for AUDI A2, A3, A4, A6 Interesting +38bhp claim for similar...
  13. 69COU

    TDi PD Diesel Tuning Mod/Chip

    Has anyone on here tried one of these. TDi PD Diesel Tuning Mod/Chip Audi A2 A3 A4 A6 Octavia +25BHP-50NM Torque.Faster 0-60 etc. Seen on ebay guy has good feedback and at only £27 thought could be worth a try.:weight_lift2: This one has ended but this was the link...
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    So would i what sort of cost for this and the boot spoiler.
  15. 69COU

    Wheel Advice - Pictures wanted?

    Hi Guys I have recently got a Black 2003 A4(B6) 1.9TDI which is quite well specked up with just about every interior optional extra. Only issue is the wheels 16" Tapaz design that I think let the car down. On top of this two of the tyres are getting low on Tread so time for some options...
  16. 69COU

    Factory fit Car Phone Preparation

    Depending on your phone the main dealer parts department should be able to supply the correct cradle. They cost £100 including VAT.:wtf: After getting over the price rip off i decided to try one. I just got one for a Nokia 6230i and it workd very well. Auto mutes the radio when calls come...
  17. 69COU

    HELP Fixing Rear parking sensor

    Hi my four year old :asskicking: has kindly pushed on one of the rear parking sensors of my A4 which has fallen into the bumper. Any ideas how i get to this to refix? Please tell me there is an easy way that does not involve bumper removal? Thanks P
  18. 69COU


    Have sent yo a PM are the RS6 rims still for sale Cheers:racer: