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  1. Gaz78

    Trim Level

    I have a 2.0tfsi S-Line SE......SE means "special edition " on my car (had me confused at first as though SE was a lower trim level). The Special Edition S-line had 2 tone cream/black leather, and also RS4 style alloys (can't remember name of them). So yep you can get an SE S-Line
  2. Gaz78

    Reverse lights not working

    New bulbs fitted and all is good. Don't know what caused both to blow same time???
  3. Gaz78

    Reverse lights not working

    I could of made it alot simpler if I checked the obvious (ie bulbs) first . I've checked every fuse, took all trims off looking for breaks in wiring, taken lights out again, all for a blown bulb
  4. Gaz78

    Reverse lights not working

    Well just checked bulbs and they both blown . Will put new in tomorrow, but seems coincidental that they both blown same time as me taking units out to polish??
  5. Gaz78

    Reverse lights not working

    Oh and a scan on vcds says: 01518 - bulb for back up lights; left (m16) 012 - electrical fault in circuit Freeze frame: Fault status: 01101100 Also says same for right light......ideas???
  6. Gaz78

    Reverse lights not working

    So, after be all chuffed that I've polished up my inner rear lights, I've now discovered they aren't working . I did remove them to polish them so literally undone the clips for each light, then reassembled same way, but now the reverse lights both sides aren't working. The fog bulb/lights do...
  7. Gaz78

    Rear lights polished

    Hey guys....long time since posting, so thought I'd put this up! My inner rear lights were shocking and faded/cloudy. So I bought some wet and dry and stuck it in my sander.....think its turned out good for only a couple quid! Both sides were bad but came out nice and shiny eventually.
  8. Gaz78

    P0304 misfire on cylinder 4—- 1.6 fsi engine

    I had that and it was the coil pack. You could switch coil pack to another cylinder and see if fault switches to that cylinder.....if it doesn't then at least it eliminates coil pack as issue.
  9. Gaz78

    Failed coil pack

    Coil pack fitted and misfire now gone.......though it took 5 hours to get into engine bay as catch had stuck. All sorted now though Gaz
  10. Gaz78

    What a month......

    First off, left my driveway few weeks back and the rear spring snapped! Then hose has broke on rear wiper sending water everywhere apart from on the windscreen! Friday the car started misfiring which turned out to be a coil pack. New one picked up today....... However, on trying to open the...
  11. Gaz78

    Failed coil pack

    Off to Shrewsbury audi to collect now.......quoted £49, but after samisnakes help, they have agreed to let me have it for £28 which is what they listed it on ebay for
  12. Gaz78

    Failed coil pack

    Samisnake you are a top guy I was actually supposed to be getting it from Shrewsbury audi for £49, but it looks like you might of saved me a few quid.....appreciate your help mate
  13. Gaz78

    Failed coil pack

    Cheers mate
  14. Gaz78

    Failed coil pack

    Sorry should of said .....its a 2007 2.0tfsi quattro s-line Price included vat (thats for 1 coil pack obviously)
  15. Gaz78

    Failed coil pack

    Hey guys First apologies for not posting for ages! I've been playing with my new toy, my ZZR1400 bike . Plus with lockdown it has also meant the car has just been sat on the drive redundant lately so not much to report with it! Anyway drove it off the drive a couple of weeks back...
  16. Gaz78

    Audi a3 brake hissing when pushed down?

    Sounds exactly like mine was. Brake servo was leaking slightly. Not enough to affect driving but I didn't want to "risk it". So I got it changed. Sadly due to location you can't just simply unbolt the servo and reinstall a new one, due to it being so tight to the engine block, otherwise I...
  17. Gaz78

    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    Passenger door started refusing to unlock on the central locking. Only way to open it was from the inside.....which annoyed my wife waiting for me to get in the car to let her in So ordered new door mechanism from eBay for £27 delivered. Fitted it in prob an hour and jobs a good un.
  18. Gaz78

    Help needed, rear lights faded

    Mine done same thing. Outers are fine but inners are a bit faded, but don't know why??
  19. Gaz78

    Rear wiper motor replacement

    I've bought one of the cheap ones think it was around £ great! Gaz