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    Sold Genuine ROSS-TECH HEX-USB+CAN Cable - Open to Sensible Offers.

    Genuine registered ROSS-TECH HEX-USB+CAN cable. Unlimited VINs. Owned since new, Purchased from Marshalls Industrial in Jul 2011. £250 Posted, Bank Transfer or Paypal (Buyer Pays Fees) Open to sensible offers.
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    Aircon Pulley Headaches

    Spoke to a few friends in the trade and the consensus seems to be replace the pump when the pulley refuses to come off. Did watch a few videos on YouTube and saw guys using a 3 pronged tool to spin off the pulley drive plate. Got the measurements of the holes for the prongs etc and getting a...
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    Aircon Pulley Measurements

    Managed to blag a few mins at a breakers yard with another pump (Denso 6SEU14C) and had a set of verniers in my pocket. :) The 3 holes are 23.5mm pin centre to pin centre. And the holes are 6mm in diameter. Thought to post up the info in case it comes in handy fo someone. My mate with an...
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    Aircon Pulley Measurements

    Does anyone have ready access to an a\c compressor - or the pulley more importantly? I would greatly appreciate the measurements between the centres of the 3 holes around the centre nut\head\shaft. The approx diameter of those holes would be great too. I've seen tools that are used with an...
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    Aircon Pulley Headaches

    Got the car (1.9TDI 130 Avant - AVF eng code) up on a ramp and unbolted the a\c compressor and lowered\tilted it enough to get access to the pulley. The plan was to get the drive plate off and replace the rubbers - which I got before. Removed the circlip - no hex head on the shaft but the one...
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    Red brake light and abs light

    Battery is on it's way out mate. I had the exact same issue some years ago & changed the battery and never had the issue again.
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    Although, I've had a VCDS for over 5 yrs, most of what I've done is look for faults codes, fix the underlying issue\s and clear the codes, along with SRI resets after servicing the cars. Never done any coding - but there's always a 1st time. ;) Dibs
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    Common Rail Reliability\Issues (HPFP)

    Hi, I've currently got a B6 1.9 PD (130) and the miles have just gone over 220K and keep thinking about a later avant - B8/8.5 Tdi seems to be a logical choice. But having spoken to a few mates in the garage trade, they say that HPFP failures are noticeable if not common. Whilst, I'm not going...
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    Can I be added to the map please?
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    Air Con Pulley Rubbers (Supplier)

    I can hear an occasional rattle from the pulley\belts every so often. A chap I know said it was the air con pulley - he pushed it side to side with the engine off & I could hear the clunk. He said the rubber thingies inside had gone and either repair\bodge them or new pulley. After searching...
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    1.9TDi (PD) - Timing belt Tensioner, Pointer moved

    Checked the tensioner this morning (cold engine) using an endoscope to get a proper view and it was just to the right of the gap, so thought that having come across a few mentions last night on the web that upto 5mm is acceptable and should sort itself out as the belt will stretch\settle in...
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    1.9TDi (PD) - Timing belt Tensioner, Pointer moved

    I changed the timing belt on my B6 Avant on Sunday and got here in the end. The pointer was set in the middle of the "gap", turned the engine by hand more than 2 times and everything locked up nicely, cam and crank. Started the car and it started up fine - left it idling for 5 or so mins...
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    B6 Timing Belt Issue - 1.9TDi (PD - AVF)

    Some Tigerseal and some rivets certainly did do the trick. Sorted the bumper out 1st and then got cracking with the engine. The Haynes manual - why on Earth does it say loosen the cam sprocket bolts and turn sprocket fully anti clockwise so the 3 bolts hit the end of the slots? Anti Clockwise...
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    B6 Timing Belt Issue - 1.9TDi (PD - AVF)

    Just googled and found this - Audi A4 B6 Bumper Replacement | Removal And Installation | | Happy Wrenching seems the aly beam is supposed to come off with the bumper skin complete. - will have some "repairs" to do in the morning! Dibs p.s. Just been out and taken the beam off - taken the...
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    B6 Timing Belt Issue - 1.9TDi (PD - AVF)

    This plastic "thing" remains on the aly beam, Is that supposed to come off? Because if it is - there are Torx that are only accessible from inside the aly beam and not readily accessible. Cheers Dibs
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    B6 Timing Belt Issue - 1.9TDi (PD - AVF)

    That's what I did do - there are 2 more torx above the 2 in the ally beam. These you have to remove having taken the headlights out. Trust me on this - it wouldn't come off with those still there. Here's a picture of the bumper skin, The one circled in red is the one that you loosen from...
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    do i do a b7 conversion!

    what happened to the bumper that was on the car?
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    B6 Timing Belt Issue - 1.9TDi (PD - AVF)

    Cheers for the advice. After posting up, I went back outside and thought I might as well have one more go, before taking it out of service position and "locking" it up for the night. Put the drill bit in when the cam was 10 or so degrees BTC and slowly turned the crank, and applied a little...
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    B6 Timing Belt Issue - 1.9TDi (PD - AVF)

    Got the front bumper off - complete pig, lock carrier in service position and turned the engine by hand to get #1 to TDC. Now if I set the cam sprocket according it it's marks (the 4Z pointer in the middle of the 2 "lugs"), a 6mm drill bit can be inserted quite some way. So fairly sure - the...
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    B6 Timing belt tools?

    Stu Just got the timing belt kit out (genuine one) and the tensioner is like the following, and has a locking pin in it already, which on the back looks like this, So I assume you are on about the tool that has 2 prongs to allow you to set the pointer, like this one? If it's this one -...