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    A3 3.2 induction kit?

    thanks for all the reply guys, but ive changed my mind, will put on auto trader for sale and had put a deposit down for a a5 .thanks again all
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    A4 Avant Number plate lights
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    A3 3.2 induction kit?

    i m thinking to get one of these
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    A3 3.2 induction kit?

    hi all, any owners of a a3 3.2 with air filter or induction kit fitted pls post pic or tell me what u using ! coz i m looking to get one but dont know which make or kit , just want that a bit of roar noise!!! many thanks:thumbsup:
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    Rough 1st to 2nd gear change

    yep , same problem as my 54reg 3.2 v6 aswell! so i m not the onlt one then...