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  1. markhobbs37

    S1 Help?

    Well mines got a quantum remap runing 310bhp and 440torque Also on the orginal clutch with no problems. As for mpg im doing around 28.8 avg As for spec mines one of the highest your see with 7k spent on extras.they didnt opt on exterior pack and dab oh and usb port other than that it has...
  2. markhobbs37

    AMD Remaps

    Not too sure about amd they were going to charge me 399 for a remap on my car because they said the ecu will need to be removed .which i have been told is i phoned quantum tuning who did a search on my car reg and told me it would not need to be removed and be done through the...
  3. markhobbs37

    Audi S1 or MK7 GTI?

    I like looking at golf's and that's about it always been an audi fan and will always continue to buy audi .for me vw just aren't as nice across the whole car range audi win hands down .buying a s1 over a gti in my eyes is the right decision. Power means everything and sorry to say it but I only...
  4. markhobbs37

    Chiptuning Germany

    Interesting well that means audi don't care in that case mine has had 2 services now and they have never said anything about faults .
  5. markhobbs37

    Replacing rear side and back glass with privacy

    No remove all glass and change to privacy. Proper tinted glass not after market film .I'm awaiting for Roy on the car side to give me a price is your s1 a three door or sportback ....
  6. markhobbs37

    Anyone with a remapped S1 live down the A3??

    I live near guildford.but mines not standard its runing 310bhp and 470nm torque and yes they are scary fast with the stage 1 map for such a small car they will eat most cars of the line .to be honest my mates have a gtr and a s3 and round bends they struggle to stay with it on track.
  7. markhobbs37

    Replacing rear side and back glass with privacy

    I am a glass fitter for if you are interested in the back end being changed over call us . We can swap them over glass will be a little pricey but as looks goes much better than aftermarket tinting.....
  8. markhobbs37

    Chiptuning Germany

    It can NOT be detected i have a race chip tuning box on my s1 and have always taking it off before the service no fault codes were detect.i had 2 services. If your car is out of warrenty i suggest a custom remap ie revo. My car is out of warrenty in 2 weeks and ive already booked it in for a...
  9. my s1

    my s1

    Here is my s1 this was one of the first ex demo car from manchester audi the spec is has all extras aprt from styling pack and pan roof......its running 310bhp and 470nm torque its a beast...........
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