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  1. ab1702

    Worn oil pump hex drive shaft on MY09 2.0 TDI

    Does anyone know if changing the balance shaft has anything to do with the coolant pump? I’m guessing not but obviously I’ve got no idea. What happened was the guy at KMB supplied me with the wrong balance shaft but it does fit so the garage changed it for me and the car was running fine. I...
  2. ab1702

    Cheap rear wiper motor

    Well it’s funny you say that because I took the old valeo motor apart yesterday and the reason it stopped working is because the internal washer jet fixing is metal and has corroded on the end so the washer jet wasn’t fixed to it properly so would have been slightly leaking when using the washer...
  3. ab1702

    Cheap rear wiper motor

    A few year ago with my old a3 I once got the cheaper version from euro car parts though, it just did whatever it liked when you turned it on and sounded like a tractor so I wasn’t holding much hope for this one but it’s turned out fine.
  4. ab1702

    Cheap rear wiper motor

    Just thought I’d share a cheap rear wiper motor that I bought off eBay. I was going to buy a valeo motor but then I saw this one with a 3 year guarantee and the seller has 100% feedback so I took a chance on it and it works perfect. eBay even gave me a £5 discount code aswell so less than half...
  5. ab1702

    Car won’t start

    Get some jump leads and try starting it off someone else’s car as it might be the car battery. ESP faults pop up because of the battery sometimes and it’s a bit strange that you’ve got no fault codes
  6. ab1702

    Rear caliper

    Brilliant, found it after reading that thread.
  7. ab1702

    Rear caliper

    I’ve got a sportback 170tdi Quattro and I need a new rear left brake caliper. I keep seeing options for 38mm and 41mm. Any idea how I can find out which i need? thanks
  8. ab1702

    Map 2.0TDI 170 PD Quattro (57 plate)

    If you get a good tune it will not cause issues with the dpf. Go for somewhere that has a lot of good reviews and don’t go for the cheapest. 215bhp is maybe possible but not easily achieved. Mine 170 is mapped and made 212bhp mine is a cr engine though. It would definately achieve over 215bhp if...
  9. ab1702

    184 tdi oil consumption

    Hi just wondered if anyone with a 184 tdi suffers from high oil consumption? I have an A3 8p but the mrs has a Octavia vrs 184 tdi and it absolutely guzzles oil. I reckon since it’s last oil change it’s done 2 - 3000 miles and the warning light has come on to check oil level. There are no...
  10. ab1702

    Rear wiper motor electrical connector

    My rear wiper isnt working at all and it’s stuck in its normal resting position. I’ve had no trouble with it behaving erratically and just stopping where it wants to etc. I have disconnected the connector that provides the power to the rear wiper motor and it looks like there’s a bit of...
  11. ab1702

    Audi A3 flat bottom steering wheel compatibly?

    Nothing you can do to upgrade that wheel or airbag. You’d have to buy a new wheel that takes a round airbag if you want to upgrade
  12. ab1702

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Got these up for sale now with an advert on eBay. In mint condition with 4 half decent tyres. 18 inch, et54, 7.5J They are genuine, got the proper stamps and part number on the inside etc. Open to offers. Collection ideally...
  13. ab1702

    Clutch kit help please

    Use Autodoc. You can mix and match the parts you want and it gives you the part numbers on the website. I’d change the slave cylinder also while you’re at it if yours is inside. I was looking for everything for an octavia and autodoc was the cheapest and they sometimes have discount codes.
  14. ab1702

    Going from S3 to TDI, advice needed

    What do you mean how can you find out which are the more powerful models? When you look at an advert it’s guna tell you in the advert somewhere what power it has.
  15. ab1702

    Audi A3 Engine Swap Advice

    Just buy a 2.0 A3. There’s more than just the engine that are different so I’d sell the car and buy a 2.0.
  16. ab1702

    Going from S3 to TDI, advice needed

    As said above you can get 8p’s in 140 and 170bhp. If you get a decent remap for a 140 then you’d expect 180 - 190 bhp, if you get a decent remap for a 170 then you’d expect between 200 and 215bhp. Not sure if there are many dsg’s about as I’m a manual person myself.
  17. ab1702

    Audi A3 Battery info??

    Aslong as the battery is a similar spec and not a lesser spec to what you’ve replaced and you don’t have any errors on the dash then that’s all there is to it. All you need to worry about is that you haven’t got a drain on the battery and that you’re alternator is working. If you want to check...
  18. ab1702

    Audi A3 Battery info??

    You’re over complicating and over thinking things here. When changing a battery all you need to do is literally change the battery and that’s it. No coding or anything is needed. If it’s sorted your problem of sluggish starting then that’s all there is to it.
  19. ab1702

    Split Rim Alloys

    Yeah you’re better off splitting them and putting them back together yourself. You just have to hope that none of the bolts snap when taking them out. If I were you I’d buy a rubbish set off eBay and do them yourself if you’ve done some similar ones before
  20. ab1702

    Split Rim Alloys

    I ended up doing mine myself because I couldnt find anyone interested in doing them that wouldn’t charge a fortune