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    Remote fob stopped working

    Ill try it once the rains off! How do I remove the cap on the door handle where the lock is? Ive tried pitting key in the slot underneath but its solid?
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    Remote fob stopped working

    Thats not in my owners manual, and theres nothing at all about if the key stops working. Ive spoke to the dealer and apparently when the car was in they recoded a control unit but didnt do the 2nd key so will need to be done
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    Remote fob stopped working

    Yeh it wont unlock or lock the car
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    Remote fob stopped working

    Hi My 2021 A3 remote fob has stopped working. I checked in the MMI info and it says there is only 1 key programmed to the vehicle. The car has recently been in the garage for some work and a software update but just noticed my other key doesnt work. Is this something I could solve myself or will...
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    Changing Radio Region

    Hi I was just wondering if it is possible to change the UK region of my radio in my 2021 A3? I live in Scotland but would like other radio stations which I know are only available in certain regions. Is this possible to do? Thanks
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    Pre Sense Light

    Hi My pre sense light flashed on the other morning when i started up the car but went off again. Is this normal? Im reversed pretty close to my garage door and the house wall, could it just be picking this up or does it only work from the front? Maybe dirt on the sensors? Where abouts are they...
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    2017 A3 EPC Light on

    Took the car into dealer today to have the other ongoing warranty work looked at again. They have scanned it for the fault. Apparently the turbo has gone and needs replacing. £1100!!! Weird thing is the car has been stuttering and lacking power since Ive had it. It was reported and I was told it...
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    2017 A3 EPC Light on

    The light only comes on if I rev it hard. Otherwise the light isnt on but revs are limited. Is there a way to clear/reset it or does it need plugged in? Its due in the dealer tomorrow for some ongoing warranty work but this new issue wont be covered as warranty ran out in September.
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    2017 A3 EPC Light on

    Hi Whilst driving down the road today the EPC light came on and said revs max limit 4000rpm. Any ideas what this could be? Its a 2017 A3, s tronic, only 23,000 miles, never had any issues with it. The car has only been used once since christmas eve because of the snow we’ve had, dont know if...
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    2017 DAB Refresh/retune/scan

    Thats what I cant to manually scan. Doesnt matter anyway just found it its not in my region this year!!!
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    2017 DAB Refresh/retune/scan

    Yeh its weird. I know Heart Xmas is on DAB but its not on in the car. Unless car radios work different
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    2017 DAB Refresh/retune/scan

    Hi Is there any way to retune/scan for different stations on my radio? Some stations are not showing up but are on my other radios. Is there an option anywhere to manually search, or scan for new stations? Its a 2017 model
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    Ongoing issues

    Cars just out of dealers again for ongoing issues. I think the brakes seem to be noisy/grindy all the time not just when been sitting or wet but apparantely this is “normal and is surface rust which once driven will dissapear”. They dont seem to listen. Also a rattling noise from drivers window...
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    Cleaning minor surface scratches

    Hi My car is Kosmos Blue, not a colour I would have picked but I got a good deal so couldnt say no. Ive noticed you can see literally every single mark on it. Round the door handles especially theres some light surface scratches. I think its from finger nails, rings etc. , but if the sun shines...
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    Noisy Brakes

    Does anyone else find that there brakes sound like when you've just washed the car or its been sitting in rain all night? Mines are like it all the time, but my dealer insists its probably surface rust after its been sitting. But this happens constantly. Is this normal for audis as Ive never had...
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    Creaking Suspension

    Just had mine back from dealers. Replaced front wishbones & rear top mounts. Asked them to look at brakes as they sound really "grindy" all the time, the sort of noise you hear after a wash, or if the cars been sitting overnight. Got told it was "normal". Sounds a lot louder than any other car...
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    Creaking Suspension

    Hi Just noticed recently, especially when reversing, that my rear suspension is creaking. Has anyone else heard of this or is it my imagination? I think its the rear but could also be front. I haven't emptied the boot yet to rule out anything moving about, but Im pretty sure its the suspension...
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    SMART repair ?

    Ive had a bad experience at a “smart repairer” in my local area. I had a score/dent down side of door. Took them 2 attempts to get it right. First time was covered in swirl marks, paint wasnt levelled off properly, and paint was missing on edge of the door where it looks like it was rubbed off...
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    Start/Stop system stopping too early

    Is it just me or does anyone elses start/stop system stop too early? When I pull up to a junction I find it stopping before Ive actually stopped, which in turn makes steering impossible.
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    Sat Nav Zoom Function

    Oh yeh its the back button. Im sure I tried that. Thanks