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    my s3 project build

    As tuffy says wmi has a similar effect, infact water is the best octane booster there is!
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    Down on power :(

    If your in the south east then you'd be best of speaking to Ben @devil developments in Littlehampton. One of the best & highly regarded amongst those in the 1.8t world.
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    my s3 project build

    Yeh there normally installed on the bottom. Bottom for camber, top for toe as I understand it
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    Audi A3 8l 1.8t randomly won’t start

    It'd be worth while testing the fuel pump relay under the dash to rule that out. Put 12v across it & test for continuity, similarly test the fuel pump as well.
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    My Belated build thread

    Just reading through & catching up with the progress on this......looking good Ash, a eye watering amount of work going into this build. Will be one of the more sorted 8l's about!, B5 are definitely being kept busy
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    my s3 project build

    John cobley on fb (john 'cobbers' racing) is also a good shout, he'll beat any price on meth if you can provide proof of price.......I've bought from him before, only reason I use jenny chem is there 5 mins from me, the meth John sells has a very strong smell to it that I found a little over...
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    Manifold options

    Hi Ian, I supply properly ported & machined chinafolds for either a standard k04 or hybrids such as the aet-380/bbt418's and with your budget.....Just! lol. Feel free to pm me
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    my s3 project build

    That's quite expensive.........I use jennychem £35 for 25 ltrs Don't know how much shipping to NI will be but i reckon it'll still come in cheaper
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    Stop the clock...Start the thread-My baby is home

    In another 6 months it'll be your Xmas money you'll be spending on it lol. Doesn't matter what car you drive they all require money spending on them when they get old or not even that old tbh, better the devil you know!
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    New headliner

    I did my headliner & door cards a few months ago using whats in the link, they also supply high temp glue which you'll need. It's not the most expensive but it came out looking good & hasn't sagged yet!........just over cut what you need & then trim it up afterwards once the glue has taken, you...
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    My s3 v6 build

    Can't you just remove the protective metal plate between the lower part of the gearbox & the sump? I've had it happen to me a cpl of times when refitting the sump!
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    my s3 project build

    Heard mixed reviews about the premixed stuff, the only way to know for sure would be to use a Hydrometer which are pretty inexpensive & would tell you what percentage it's at..........Hydro & his hydrometer:salute:
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    Fuel pumps

    Coincidentally I have just changed out my dw65 as well, was installed at some point in 19 & it's been running weak for some time but unless you checked for it you wouldn't know.....on WOT pulls I was seeing injector duty cycle of 98%. Plenty of ppl are reporting issues with dw now so you've...
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    Mk1 TT 225 track day car, Officially a ten second car 10.8 seconds at 127 mph.

    Thanks for sharing the in depth info on the dsg there karl, I see someone on fb bt group doing a dsg conversion but seems to of been nothing but issues for him but i think he's updated lately that it's all up & running now. 40kg over a 02m! That must've tested ya back........I was fairly...
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    My Belated build thread

    Any progress on the wmi as to why you wasn't seeing anything over the duel nozzle set up Ash?
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    Ignitron ECU

    Now looking at it I think I've gotten it wrong ticking the launch control & anti lag in race mode as it says at the top "overides"
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    Ignitron ECU

    Thought I'd have a go at setting up launch control...... Planned to activate it from the cruise control but I couldn't see the launch option from the inputs-digital (switch) drop down box unless I'm missing something as I know cruise control is listed as rolling launch? only way I could figure...
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    My Belated build thread

    505/510 will make you pull some funny faces in a classic......right that's enough of the impreza stuff before I put my car up for sale & buy myself another money pit that I think is a good idea lol
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    My Belated build thread

    Before I bought my s3 I seriously contemplated a classis sti Ra as I'd owned a classic & a bugeye.....classic wins hands down for outright enjoyment but I kinda wanted something different at the time & had always liked the 8L's.....I still get a hankering for a classic but without having a...
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    My Belated build thread

    Charge pipe & inlet manifold in that bronze with a gloss black rocker cover would look sweet