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  1. Delberthot

    Sat Nav Update only from Audi Dealer(?)

    I've since got to the bottom of this: The PR code for the nav on my car is 7UF and only those with code 7UG have the facility to download the maps. This is according to Audi Digital. If I have this right then it affects most A1, A3, A4, A5, Q2 & Q3 models I've since emailed Audi UK but haven't...
  2. Delberthot

    Sat Nav Update only from Audi Dealer(?)

    I have a 2019 A5 S-line with the normal dash, 2 SD slots in the glove box. The maps are the original ones that came with the car so none of the 5 potential downloads have been used. I went onto the MyAudi website as I had been told that this was where I could download the latest maps for my...
  3. Delberthot

    High Beam Assist ..

    It's in one of the settings in the MMI but I can't remember where it is. I turned mine off as I didn't think that it was very good. It was a cool toy to begin with but I can switch my high beam on and off a lot quicker than it can. I asked Carista about traffic sign recognition and they told me...
  4. Delberthot

    2017 S4 Security Upgrades

    From the reading that I have done online, today's car thief is lazy and would tend to buy one of those things that can clone your key the next time you unlock it, follow you home then come back one night to take it rather than anything that would require any effort. With this in mind I bought...
  5. Delberthot

    Audi UK Configurator vs EU

    Over on the Seat UK configurator there have been pretty much zero options on any of their cars for a few years now with the exception of maybe colour and engine, only several grades with ever increasing specs as you go up the range. I am wondering if VAG have been trialing it with Seat and...
  6. Delberthot

    A4 b9 1.4tfsi timing belt

    Normally with these kind of things it's what ever comes first - 140,000 miles or 5 years I only do around 10,000 miles per year so my car will only have around 50,000 when the time comes, plus I'd normally get the water pump changed at the same time
  7. Delberthot

    Fuel Flap only opening slightly

    I had that same issue on my Scirocco R and the garage changed the part in the picture above under warranty no question asked. It was a 2016 model and at the time the car was only just over a year old