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  1. mattpanton

    Fuel pump relay '409' pin out

    Hi, Does anyone have a definitive pin out for the 409 fuel pump relay? I need to retro fit one to an 1.8T (AGU) conversion in a Lotus Elise and the pin labeling on the wiring diagram (Haynes, admittedly) is different to that on the relay?? Some I have managed to work out myself by a process of...
  2. mattpanton

    1.9TDI Multitronic won't start after accident

    Anyone?? I should add that it won't crank, just as if the gearbox inhibitor is working all the time.
  3. mattpanton

    1.9TDI Multitronic won't start after accident

    Hi, I have just helped a friend bring home a 2004 A4 1.9TDI multitronic, it was involved in an accident, he bought it bent, had it repaired and have just realised it is refusing to start. The ignitition switches on fine, DIS says press footbrake to start but no gear position shown in the...
  4. mattpanton

    Changing service interval type (variable to fixed)

    Is it fairly straightforward to change my 2001 1.9TDi A4 B5 from variable servicing to fixed? I guess this is a job for VCDS (hence posting in here). I have access to a cheap-o ebay lead and the trial version of VCDS, is the functionallity in this software or will I need the full blown jobbie...
  5. mattpanton

    A4 Sump Bolt

    Seeing as the bolt head sounds pretty muller'd already I'd try a pair of stilsons and a length of pipe on the end of it. Failing that welding something on it sounds a good option
  6. mattpanton

    Towbar wiring advice

    I second that. Solder and heat shrink tubing is your friend
  7. mattpanton

    Towbar wiring advice

    I never bothered to calculate it out, I worked on the priciple that if the fuse remained with as many lights on the trailer as possible then it would be ok!
  8. mattpanton

    Towbar wiring advice

    I took my constant live from the boot power socket, did wonder if the circuit was up to running trailer lights but i've not blown the fuse yet so seems fine
  9. mattpanton

    Towbar wiring advice

    I fitted a towbar to my 2001 avant last year, I used a full bypass jobbie as I was a little concerned about the towbar wiring setting off bulb failure warnings on the tail/brake light circuits. As for a wiring diagram all I did was tapped into the wiring coming off the back of the lights...
  10. mattpanton

    Bose speakers

    I think, but can't be 100%, that the bose system requires its own amp(s) as the speakers are of an odd impeadance to the 'normal' set up, be worth doing a bit of digging before making a purchase
  11. mattpanton

    Dismantling rear strut - how???

    Front will be dropped sunday all being well, wth the MOT expiring today I just needed enough of it done to renew the ticket. Went for apex springs, purely because I was on the phone to eurocarparts for standards springs and enquired about lowering ones and the apex were the ones they carried...
  12. mattpanton

    Dismantling rear strut - how???

    Thanks for the help guys, my mate came round last night to lend a hand and we managed to part it with a sizeable mallet! Did the drivers-side one this afternoon and it just came to bits, typicaly! Hey ho! Car is all ready for the re-test tomorrow, although it looks a bit like I have a large...
  13. mattpanton

    Dismantling rear strut - how???

    Have just tried a good hard hit, trouble is the rubber mount takes a fair amount of the shock out of it and i'm also a little concerned about parting said rubber from its mountings. Car is now well and truely laid up for the night, think I will end up taking the strut (and possibly the...
  14. mattpanton

    Dismantling rear strut - how???

    Currently in the process of fitting lowering springs to my 2001 tdi avant, started with the rear passenger side as this was the spring that the car failed the MOT on yesterday (it was the same money for 2 standard rear springs or a full lowering kit, so went for that). Anyway, I have the...
  15. mattpanton

    HELP! please! car partly dismantled in the garage

    got there in the end, there was another screw hidden behind the top of the side cushion bit, all off now, not entirely sure if it will ever go back together again though!
  16. mattpanton

    HELP! please! car partly dismantled in the garage

    In need of some help (car is 2001 Avant), car failed MOT today on broken rear spring, spring coming tomorrow but thought I'd make a start getting the side panel off in the boot (to get to the strut top), have got it all off bar the top corner at the 'C' pillar, where it meets the cushion at the...
  17. mattpanton

    Trouble undoing EGR nuts, tryin to free VNT Vaines

    Trouble with going in from the top of the egr pipe is there is only one 'hole' that the pipe should be going down, and there is a risk your pipe will miss and sit down an exhaust port, by having it off at the bottom you can see where the pipe is going. There is no way through from the inlet...
  18. mattpanton

    Un-Sticking Your TDi VNT Turbo Vanes.....

    Out of curiousity, what symtoms would I be seeing if mine was sticking?
  19. mattpanton

    Stupid sump plug question

    Did you try shocking it? decent fitting spanner and a few sharp taps from a mallet on the end of the spanner
  20. mattpanton

    Avant rear washer jet - a word of warning!

    That is a fantastic repair job, thought I'd done a reasonable job using one tie!