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    power tailgate switch

    it can't open too far, does the switch light up?
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    lost it now

    pity there was no cctv :(
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    F£@k?ng potholes

    also check if its been logged on here FixMyStreet
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    Interior Lights in Xenon Light Package

    what if your returning to the car in the dark... the light in the bottom of the door is no good when you've stepped in dog **** before opening it
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    Interior Lights in Xenon Light Package

    my a6 has lights on the bottom of the door and in the wing mirror..... so which one is the puddle light?
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    Winter Tyres & Wheels

    i got some cheap alloys off ebay and tyres from the cheapest online place
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    Service Book Confusion

    oil is just oil change inspection is just an inspection long life is both this is how they cheekly get away with offering 2 free services with a new car..... my mates a1 went in for an oil server as shown on the display, 4 weeks later it wanted an inspection service!
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    Advice: xenon headlights or leather

    I've seen the brown in an A4 yuck!
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    VCDS Mobile

    its gonna need more hardware so it will cost more to make, a wifi chip for starters
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    PAS cooler upgrade

    its better with it on
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    Just bought a a6

    oh well, i deffo got all the details for mine before i bought it from one of the myaudi sites
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    Just bought a a6

    thats why you use the german one ;) i think... deffo had one of them working
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    Just bought a a6
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    Just bought a a6

    do you not have google?
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    Mobile phone scam...

    are you going to tell us the number?
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    Hello I'm from Microsoft!!!

    i never get them, maybe because i don't have a phone!
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    Turn off hazzard flash when braking hard

    because i drive fast and brake hard, not because i forget to brake then panic lol
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    STOLEN :(

    it will be cheaper to pay a detailer to clean it than pay the insurance excess for theft
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    STOLEN :(

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