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    1.6TDI CAYC Injector information

    Good Evening, I've finally got round to buying a new car which has the CAYC engine fitted. I noticed the other day that the engine was a little lumpy whilst cold and ticking over. Tonight I've popped out and taken 2 readings: Readings when cold: IDE00365-ENG99400 Injection amount deviation...
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    Front wheel bearing replacement

    Get one in a carrier though. So much easier
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    Car possibly running rich?

    Which engine?
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    Painting my calipers

    Black. Always best.
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    Wheel Bearing Replacement :(

    That's how I've done mine.
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    Wheel Bearing Replacement :(

    You can easily pull off the hub from the bearing. Them i used a slide hammer screwed into the bearing carrier to pull the carrier away from the upright.
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    Wheel Bearing Replacement :(

    For sheer ease and simplicity. Get one already in a carrier.
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    Wheel Bearing Replacement :(

    Yes they're held in by 4 bolts, but yes they can seize in. Takes less than an hour to do even if seized.
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    Solid brake pedal after hard acceleration

    Sounds like a vacuum leak to me.
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    BKD or BMN torsion and rear cam adjustment

    What kind of mpg do you get?
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    BKD or BMN torsion and rear cam adjustment

    Yeah the pulleys were fully turned over. Its driving nicely but instead of 48+mpg it's returning low 40s. How should the measuring block react? Mine seems really slow and takes an age to get up to number.
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    BKD or BMN torsion and rear cam adjustment

    Reving the car doesn't make it flick but when it's started cold the torsion isn't on 0.00 so I'm assuming it is correct? Which way do you turn the rear cam to reduce l/h? I can't get mine below 0.62 l/h
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    BKD or BMN torsion and rear cam adjustment

    Finished work today and it was idling like a pig and it stunk. Rev when standing and it would puff smoke. Got it warm and plugged in the laptop. Torsion was at 1.49 and l/h was 0.65 Adjusted the torsion to bang on 0.00. Adjusted the rear cam and it already feels better but not had a chance to...
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    BKD or BMN torsion and rear cam adjustment

    Cheers Everyone. I'll let it settle in over the next few days then I'll have a look. So it's just a matter or letting the car run until it's settled on a number. I can do that. Thank you.
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    BKD or BMN torsion and rear cam adjustment

    Good evening, I've just done the cambelt on my car. All gone smoothly and I've got the torsion value to 0.35 which seems nice to drive. I read online about adjusting the rear cams. I've looked at channel 15 which has litres per hour. As i start it up. Its really low like 0.035 low. Then it...
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    Help Please Sat Nav issues

    Isn't the sat nav bit in the boot?
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    Creaking front suspension

    Good Afternoon, I replaced the spring on my other halfs A3 last year after it snapped. After I replaced it, I noticed there was a creaking noise. I thought it was the strut top bearing as the broken spring had jammed into the bearing. So I replaced the top bearing and top mount a couple of...
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    B8 audi S4 wheel bearing sound, not wheel bearings or tyres

    Hold the spring on that side and spin the wheel. You'll feel vibration through the spring.
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    Help Please How to diagnose a faulty thermostat with VCDS?

    The guage iirc is set to show 90 even when its below and above to stop people worrying. So if it's that low. It may be even lower. Just change the stat. Easy enough and you know it's done. Genuine only i suggest.