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    TTRS 8J ESP off problem

    I just encountered same problem. Can u tell me how to solve it? Thanks
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    AO09 NNN Audi RS3 Project

    Great sharing! I think DSG tuning of increasing rev limit will help improve 100-200 as RS3 need to upshift to 5th gear when 190+...but with TTE500, is ur rev limit increased due to bigger turbo? Thankd. 我從使用 Tapatalk 的 LG-K430 發送
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    RS3 and Tuning possibilities Revlimit, a Greece tuner. Conservative horsepower, but torque is not bad. Has anyone heard the acceleration results or already tried it?
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    our first tuned 8V RS3

    Can speed limit be removed by DTUK? Tks.
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    hello,my Nogaro just did it Vmax 300 ;)

    Excellent!!! It's going perfect. Can I know the temperature when u tested?
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    hello,my Nogaro just did it Vmax 300 ;)

    Thanks for sharing~ It's a beast now without a doubt!!!
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    hello,my Nogaro just did it Vmax 300 ;)

    Great!!! Which one are u tuned?
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    Revo RS3 8V Software, it's here!!!! (Full details below)

    Steve, could u share more performance results like 0-100, 100-200, or quarter mile... I thought it's more persuadable