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    What wheels and what colour?

    fair enough, how's about going for white??? white is the new black!
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    140 or 170 Diesel and Performance chips?

    i think the brakes are the same in both cars
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    What wheels and what colour?

    i got an a4 and got it sprayed daytona grey, it looks great. it would look good on an a3. the avus silver looks awesome too
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    s4 silver chrome mirrors on a4

    you should be able to get new covers for the a4 but they will be chrome and not aluminium. can you not just spray your current ones? i have seen this done and can look great
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    140 or 170 Diesel and Performance chips?

    what the dealers dont know, wont hurt them
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    A3 or Golf?

    i would say go for a mk4 golf over a similar age of a3. i prefer the interior of the mk4
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    Retro fit Xenon????

    i once got a golf and ordered xenons but then the order was messed up and the didnt come on it. i wanted to get them fitted but i was told this was impossible because it is something to do with the wiring that is done at the factory. this could be the same as audi
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    Digital Camera... recommendations?

    it may be slightly over budget but the sony dsc n1 is awesome. 8.1 million pixels and plenty of features
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    golf v6 4motion mk4

    i drove one a while back, slightly underpowered but still very smooth going cars
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    Some pics of my A3

    that a3 looks really well
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    140 or 170 Diesel and Performance chips?

    the only worry would be warranty, will the chip affect it?
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    that looks great, is it just the light or are they dark centres?
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    Just been told i need new ECU

    try pricing an aftermarket ecu that can be adjusted anytime you want
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    bose or not?

    good man, thanks
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    Are there any B7 Bodykits available?

    caractere is good stuff, fits better than some other aftermarket kits
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    Just been told i need new ECU

    i thought the ecu would have been a sealed unit? is that 450 for an audi ecu? how much is an aftermarket one?
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    Who wants an RS4 interior?

    i think i will just have to dream, it's a bit out of my price range
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    My new Alpine install did it for him. a top job
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    steering wheel controls?

    good man, thanks