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    Bonnet stuck, online guides don't help!

    Ok managed to get it open. I had to yank the front grill off and get to the 3 10mm bolts holding the top bracket on, then the bonnet is free to lift up. The bonnet problem seems to be that my bonnet cable is slipping out the housing after 3 or 4 pulls, making the bonnet stuck shut. I think this...
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    Bonnet stuck, online guides don't help!

    I have a 1.9 tdi b6 A4 and the bonnet won't open. I'm certain that the cable has popped out. Online guides recommend access from below with a bent bar, but with the tdi engine, there is no way a bar could get anywhere as the pulleys leave no space at the front of the engine bay. Any ideas? The...
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    What paint code? No label!

    Thanks guys! Yes it was under the rear seat. LY7W. Now I can tackle the rust on the front wings. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    What paint code? No label!

    I'm trying to find out the paint code for my 2003 silver Avant, sadly the paint code label in the boot is not there! The silver is a basic silver colour, not dark or blue-ish. I thought it would be LY7W, but then I saw other silver cars with different codes. Is there any way of finding out?
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    1.9TDi 100BHP Experience?

    Honestly, keep the money and go travel around the world and/or add this into your savings. You will regret spending this money on insurance when you are older. I was a car nut when I first passed my test but it took me a while to learn that cars are one of the least important things in life.
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    Ebay light switches..

    A while ago I bought a used A8 switch. Just the same as the A4 one but with a subtle chrome ring around the outside. Personally I preferred it to the VW one which has cheap looking chrome plastic. Although you could combine the A8 and the VW one to get a chrome ring and chrome switch!
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    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    Ah, Black Mike, what are they doing with it once the base closes? I've still got an old squadron prints drawing of it signed by the pilot and navigator. (and sat in it when I was a kid!)
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    seafoam A4 3.0 v6

    placebo or real? I've seen dozens of snake oil products come and go over the years, each one appeals for a while until everyone slowly comes to the conclusion that it does ****** all.
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    Anyone got a bike rack on their b6 saloon?

    I have a Saris Bones 2 that's made for saloon-shaped cars and is even designed to clear any boot spoilers that it might have. I don't need it anymore as it doesn't work so well on the Avant (used to have it on mx5's) so could sell if interested?
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    B6 Bumper Options.

    16" passat alloys on se suspension.. the car above isn't mine ;)
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    Audi A4 B6 TDI New Owner (1.9 + 2.5)

    Why would a v6 handle better than a 1.9? It's the same car but with a heavier engine out the front which common sense would make me imagine that this is worse for the handling.. Black interior is the only way to go with an Audi, blue or beige looks like something from a Dastun Sunny ;)
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    Some more work carried out today *Roof Rails now done*

    The chrome trim looks great, what's wrong with you people? :asskicking:
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    Terrible terrible mpg issue

    So how do do you know that you got 100 miles to twenty quid? Was it empty and then after 100 miles you ran out of fuel? ;) I guess you were doing it based on the fuel light, but how accurate is that? Think of all the fuel splashing about in the tank and the dampened fuel needle.. Plus a...
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    B6 Bumper Options.

    Just to add to the OEM bodyparts info, the DTM skirts from the B7 fit really nicely with flat 'door blades':
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    Chrome Vinyl over black window trim? Opposite trend!

    It seems that unlike everyone else, I actually like the chrome trim around the side windows, but mine have the poverty spec black surrounds and always feel jealous of avants with this nice detail and consider it an act of inhumanity when people cover it up with black sellotape! Now, I could get...
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    B6 avant s line rear bumper question

    You mean will a S-Line lower section for the rear mate to the SE upper section? I imagined that it would, but reading on a US forum, someone said it can't as the S-Line/USP/GMBH is narrower... On the same thread someone also claimed that they fitted an avant lower bumper section to a saloon...
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    Car insurance : more expensive with baby!

    Springer, regarding the child/wife changes to the quote, when I was using a couple of comparison websites I found that by changing the options of 'child under 16' and 'married/partner' was making the quote go up and down relatively (as I checked back and forth, editing the details).
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    Car insurance : more expensive with baby!

    I've now been sorted out with a reasonable premium with Skyinsurance!
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    Audi A4 1.9 TDi - Temperature Guage

    Ah just checked and 50 is effectively 'zero'! So probably not the stat! Carry on..
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    Car insurance : more expensive with baby!

    I'm trying to get renewal quotes for my insurance. Last year I was paying over £500 which I reckoned was ridiculous for someone over 30 with a diesel estate. It's more than I was paying for my Eunos track car and that was a Japanese import! Hoping that it would drop this year, all my quotes are...