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    Heated leathers

    I disassemble my seats S3 because of the same problem. The heating is attached to the foam, but come off easily.Where has blown heater was obvious clearly, and I just reconnected again using clamp cables.
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    S3 8l Haldex problem

    One option is to blocked rotor of the electric motor. The other is to have a worn gear teeth.
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    S3 8l Haldex problem

    I bet £20 that is not the pump! Just a week ago I had the same problem and know what was the reason for me. Guess what's in the case.
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    S3 8l Haldex problem

    There may be worn Haldex-discs but it is unlikely. There are several other options, one of which is clogged strainer on the pump and it can not make enough pressure.
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    S3 bam castrol edge oil

    Currently using ENEOS Premium Ultra 0w50. The only complaint that I have for it is the price. I notice the relatively high consumption of oil even though I exchanged valve seals. I want to try a different type of oil (with different viscosity) but I still have not settled on more appropriate...
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    S3 bam castrol edge oil

    I believe that you should read before you write and give opinion.
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    S3 bam castrol edge oil

    I believe it would be better for you to read a little about automotive oils, their properties and what it means numbers, which indicate the viscosity. Motor Oil Viscosity Grades Explained in Layman's Terms
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    S3 bam castrol edge oil

    Why do you think 0W40 will offer poor lubrication at temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius?
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    Optimising Stock 312mm Brake Setup

    The difference between the ATE57 and ATE54 is in the size of the piston. Digits determined size of the piston in millimeters. Although at first glance the difference is small, the increase in braking is great. I drive my S3 with the following setup: Front ATE 57+ EBC GD931 + EBC Red Stuff +...
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    Running 9x18inch wheels on S3 - advice needed on spacers

    As far as I know it is illegal tires/rims to go out of the fenders (size) of the car!
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    Optimising Stock 312mm Brake Setup

    Another good upgrade is to switch standart calipers with ATE57 from Audi A4/A6 and replacement of the stock brake hoses with reinforced brake hoses. EBC Red/Yellow stuff is another good idea.
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    haldex replacement

    I suppose it fits, but do not ask me why.
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    Audi a3 1.8T AGU which engine oil?

    For here (Bulgaria) time is rather large temperature range (from -15 to +37 degrees Celsius) I use 5-40w but I decided to try another oil with a wide temperature range. At the moment I put 0-50w, but I passed quite a few miles to give correct opinion.
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    Blue haldex upgrade

    02D 525 345 02D 525 345 A