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    St Albans Area VCDS Scan unit-HELP!!

    Hi Does anyone have a unit which can reset my oil change light but my service light says I have another 4500 miles to go. I live in the St Albans area and willing to travel 20-30 miles and also make a small donation this weekend Many thanks in advance. Chi
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    Getting fed up with Audi's now

    Had an S3 on a 51reg, A4 Avant tdi on 53reg and now sportback tdi 170bhp 57reg and now losing faith in the quality of the cars. S3 had coil pack and wiring loom problems. A4 had clutch and flywheel replacement ,air con unit replacement, new speedo, vibration with the steering but not due to the...
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    concert III and ipod connection

    Can someone help with some advice,please. I have A3 sportback 2weeks old and have the new concert III radio with bose. At the back there is a aux +/- and earth. If I cut and terminate an aux cable to fit the terminals and the other end with a 3.5mm plug will it be able to play the ipod. It is...
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    Hi All, Waiting for my A3 sportback in phantom black build week 39...too far away.However, the dealer was offering supagard for £399. Q1. has anyone supagard their car and has it made a diiference Q2. is it worth it Any opinions much appreciated.
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    Brake dics thickness-fronts

    Hi Guys Just had my MOT on the S3 and they suggest that discs need changing at the next pad change. Does anyone knoe what thickness the discs should be before changing? What suggestions do fellow drivers have for new disc and pads. I have had black diamonds grooved before and seemed OK...
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    open and closure of the windows with key fob-S3

    Please help... My electrics went beserk and ended up having a new battery.However, the closure of the windows could be closed via pressing and holding of the feyfob but it doesn't work with the opening of the windows. I know it worked before but after changing the new battery it doesn't. Can...
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    re-gassing air con unit

    Hi All Has any one re-charged their air con unit by getting the charging canistor from Halfords. If so is it easy and where does the feed go into. many thanks
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    My Bose has lost its base

    Hi All, I have symphony and bose in my S3 and only today I noticed that I lost all the base and probably the treble. When you turn the base to+6 nothing happens where previous the base is quite noticeable. Can anyone tell me where to start to check what components are/are not working or from...
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    Lost Faith in Audi

    I have an 2003 A4TDI Avant 130bhp with 45K miles and its had a new speedo, knocking noise from the suspension, a rattling air con unit, a loose bolt or something behind the dash somewhere, vibration from the steering. It has now gone in for a new clutch, new air unit and a wheel bearing...
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    which one to buy

    Hi Guys, Can someone tell me which vagcom to buy for a Nov 2001 210bhp S3. Do I go for the : Package B - "KEY-USB" - Enthusiast oriented, portable, expandable - USB connection or Package D - "HEX-USB+CAN" - Professional oriented, portable, expandable - USB connection What is a CAN-BUS...
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    Tail gate wont open

    can someone advise me what gone wrong This TIME. Unlock all the doors of S3 51 plate but the tail gate remains locked and wont open. Managed to get the tail trim off and open the tail gate from the inside. You can hear the C/L pump working but nothing on the tail gate. Put the key into the lock...
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    Chaning Brake light A4 Avant

    Can anyone advise on how to get to the tail light section to change the bulbs. Everything appears to be enclosed. Before I start pulling the things appart can anyone help? Thanks in advance
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    S3 wiring loom cracking

    Ihave had some bad expensive news. The insulation of the wiring loom from the coil pack to the engine ECU has started to crack and showing bare wire. It caused the car to mis-fire and resulting recovery to the dealer. The cost to repair £1100 new loom and total 8hrs of labour. Ouch ouch ouch...
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    Car Battery

    whats is the life expectancy of the S3 battery for a 2001 car? I have had a few problems recently with the battery not turning the car over in the mornings. Have checked the magic eye and it appears to be 'see-through' but the DIS does not indicate any problem. Are these batteries sealed or can...
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    38000mls service/2nd service

    Please advise, My S3 is currently 3yrs old and due for its second service. Rather than going to the dealers can anyone suggest a good aftermarket tuner/service team who can provide better workmanship and knows what they are doing, somewhere in Kent or close by?
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    Accident-Damaged alloys

    Hi everyone Was involved in an accident last week where a car came out of a junction a hit me full on in the rear wheel. Had the dealer to check the alignment and was reading 2degress on the camber and thankfully nothing was bent and they adjusted back to normal but at a cost of £200. Have...
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    mintex pads or not????

    Hi Guys the life expectancy of the front pads is coming to an end at 26000m. I would not go for audi pads again cos from what I ear there are better. Have heard that pagid ones are good but what about mintex and ferodo? cost is not a problem but i want something that brakes better than the...
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    Upgrading to autochanger

    New to the A4 forum. Got a A4 Avant 1.9TdiSE and am thinking about adding an autochanger to the standard HU. Has anyone made this upgraded and if so what wires, connectors etc are required? Please advise.Many thanks in advance
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    Slick 50 or similar

    Does anyone recommend using slick 50 or similar stuff to reduce the friction of the engine and possibly prolong the life of it. My S3 is on variable servicing so will it affect the durations and will I need to chnage the oil to compensate for the additional oil. I use to sue it on my Golt...
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    wax and polish

    whats the best product to use for the wax and polish process. autoglym, meguires, turtle wax, zymol etc. I've been using super resin polish and extra wax by autoglym but it seems to last no more than two weeks, three max. suggestions please.