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    18" wheel options for allroad?

    As this was my thread, just to update I ended up with 18" 8 wide OEM Ronal's with a 25mm spacer and 235, 50 R18 tyres and no problems.
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    Fixing My A6 C5 Cluster Lcd

    Just to add to this, desoldering the old and reattaching the new ribbon cable really isn't for the inexperienced, there's a very fine line between applying enough heat to do the job and damaging the components. Also there are some components in there that are sensitive to static so you need to...
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    Drl/coming Home

    I don't have DRL's. My understanding from the limited information on this product is it turns the fog lights on when the ignition is on like on Canadian/Australian models, but that's just a guess based on the very sketchy information from the vendor in Germany.
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    Quattro Torsen Maintenance

    Can't seem to find any info on this. Is there a service schedule for oil changing in the torsen diff/quattro system?
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    Quick Question About Starting The Engine

    As mentioned above, it depends on a number of factors, such as battery condition, starter motor, ambient temperature. If I were you I'd start with a battery tester and check the condition of your battery.
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    Quick Question About Starting The Engine

    Yeah mine cranks virtually instantly, from the point of turning the key you couldn't count to one before the engine starts.
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    Quick Question About Starting The Engine

    Sometimes yes. 2.5 TDI allroad. I think it is to do with the battery volts/amps. I find that if the car hasn't been used for a few days or the weather is a bit colder the radio will do what you describe. Out of curiosity do you wait for the glow plug light to go out before you turn the engine over?
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    Rust/perforation Warranty?

    Yesterday whilst removing some tar, I found a few bubbles under the paint and a very small amount of rust at the very bottom of the passenger door where the aluminium blades meet the paint. Just wondering if anyone has any info on the 12 year corrosion warranty from Audi, the car is a 2005...
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    5 Beeps

    The only thing that I can think of is the parking sensor. Though I'd have thought you'd recognise that sound, so it's probably not the answer.
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    Drl/coming Home

    Email back from the company and they do seem to be insisting that installing this switch will activate DRL and coming/leaving home lights. But as above they are German so I'm not 100% convinced that there might be some miscommunication. Any thoughts/speculation as to whether this could be...
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    Drl/coming Home

    I've emailed them. But not holding my breath. I thought maybe there were some relays or bridged pins, etc in the switch that enabled it, but it looks standard to me. Probably poor translation as it is a German company.
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    Drl/coming Home

    Little bump
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    Drl/coming Home This link shows a switch that from the broken English seems to suggest will enable DRL and coming home lights on the C5, anyone got any input on this? Is it what it seems or...
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    Rear Heated Seats?

    I pulled the rear bench to clean underneath and noticed there are wires going into the foam underside and the only things I could conclude they could possibly be are: 1) Occupancy sensors for seat belt, but I don't think this is the case or 2) Heated seat element wiring The car doesn't have...
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    Audi A6 Multitronic Various Issues

    Possibly not it could be tiptronic on a W plate, there was a change over around year 2000 and it could be a tiptronic as prior to 2000 they all were. I have a passing knowledge of this time frame for the change over, but some other members here are like walking encyclopaedias and can give you a...
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    Audi A6 Multitronic Various Issues

    FWD is multitronic, Quatto is tiptronic as a rule of thumb but on a W reg car I'm not sure either. I just know someone who had a Quattro 2.5TDI tip and the magnet switch you mention left un repaired for a few thousand miles ended up needing the gearbox refurbished.
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    Audi A6 Multitronic Various Issues

    Is it multitronic or tiptronic? The F189 switch/magnet isn't a gearbox issue itself, but extended periods of driving with the fault can cause permanent damage to the gearbox. As for the lifetime oil, I read that ZF (the people who manufacture the box) do not agree with Audi and suggest it is...
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    2.5tdi V6 Throttle Response

    So do you still think it's got a bad remap as well as the problem the OP repaired?
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    2.5tdi V6 Throttle Response

    Just curious from the info in the video from VCDS and the info the OP provided how can you say with certainty that it's even had a remap, let alone a bad one that's causing this issue?
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    Noisy Cam Fix?

    Possibilities i guess would be thicker oil or one of these oil additives that "coat" the cams with some form of low friction coating. But the low friction additives can cause other problem as can be corrosive to certain materials. Also the thicker engine oil would have to be substantially...