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  1. Phil3

    Facelift Front Grill Quattro Lettering

    Hi, Whats the best and easiest way of changing the colour of the Quattro lettering on the bottom of the front grill? I’m wanting to go red with it... was thinking gel lettering to go on top, but then you’d still see the grey on the sides :grimacing: Any advice/ideas/experience welcome
  2. Phil3

    Brake Caliper Colour Code

    Does anyone know the Audi colour code for the red brake calipers? ...either that, or a good match from any other touch up pens available? Cheers
  3. Phil3

    Stop/Start Fault

    This warning messaged popped up when I was out and about in the car earlier today... anyone else had it? and know if it will correct itself or is it a trip to the dealers :seenoevil:
  4. Phil3

    Facelift Exhaust tips

    Something interested spotted on Instagram... with the Audi Sport black exhaust tips not particularly done to the highest quality, and many people having the black coming off, could this be a decent replacement? I gather the original tips will need cut off, but the burnt tips would looks the...
  5. Phil3

    Reiger front splitter/lip

    I’m looking a front splitter for my FL RS3 and have came accrues the Rieger one... does anyone in the UK have one fitted? or know of any UK distributors of them? From what I can see they don’t ship to the UK Cheers
  6. Phil3

    Alloy wheel storage/bags

    With me getting a set of OZ Formula HLT’s fitted to the car a number of weeks back, I now have the 4 OEM alloys sitting in the garage... and I’m wanting to neaten the place up a little and protect the alloys How do you guys store your spare alloys+tyres... do you have racks or bags etc? or what...
  7. Phil3

    Quick and cheap mods

    Looking for ideas and options of things to do with the car... I know there’s the usual options of changing and modding the bigger parts, suspension, maps etc... but what have you done? Or planning on doing? That’s a quick and easy mod? Sometimes it’s the little things that make a nice different...
  8. Phil3

    Facelift Dynamic Wing Mirror Indicators

    With having the dynamic lights and matrix headlights I have the sweeping indicators front and rear... I’ve seen a few kits you can get to fit them into your wing mirrors to create the same sweeping lights here too I’m just after a bit of guidence of which ones to go for and what to avoid? As...
  9. Phil3

    Alloy wheel photo thread

    Ive been looking at different alloys for a little while now and always get close to buying but then think, what if they won’t look right! So I thought I’d get a tread going for people to post their photo of different wheels :icon thumright: I don’t mean just general photos... I mean fitted...
  10. Phil3

    Facelift Carbon fibre goodies

    I've just purchaced a set of Audi carbon fibre wing mirror caps for my FL saloon and was looking at other parts to match, I’ll probably be after the spoiler next I was just after some photos of various carbon parts people have bought and fitted... and whether you’d recommend them, also maybe a...
  11. Phil3

    Audi Paint - Colour Code

    Thought I’d start a thread with colour code info on... just as and when people know their codes you can post in here and help out others when they are looking for theirs I’m after the code for Nardo Grey if anyone knows please? I believe it has changed slightly in the last year or so!? Also...
  12. Phil3

    Facelift Rev limiter beep

    Is there a way to disable the beep you get as a warning when you start the car from cold and the revs are limited? Cheers
  13. Phil3

    Facelift Auto folding mirrors

    I’ve got the auto folding mirrors on my RS3 but wonder if there is a way or a setting to make the passengers mirror automatically tilt downwards when selecting reverse? Cheers
  14. Phil3

    Car security CCTV at home

    I’m looking to install a single CCTV camera (possibly two) at the front of my house and it’s a field where I basically know nothing. I’ve tried to look about and have it down to these two; For those with more knowledge/experience in this... are they a good system? and which would you go...
  15. Phil3

    Facelift Audi Badge and RS3 Badge Sizing - Gloss Black Badges

    Looking at getting the front and rear Audi badges in gloss black and the rear RS3 one done too... just looking to confirm if the badges on the FL are the same size as the PFL cars Cheers
  16. Phil3

    Facelift UK configurator

    Ive been fortunate enough to put an order in for a new RS3 saloon and probably like many on here, have been playing again and again on the Audi UK configurator My question is... is every option on there? I see people saying they have spec’d for example TPMS or/and MATRIX headlights etc... but I...