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    Sat Nav Systems

    Hi There. Does anyone know if the Audi RNS-E A4 Sat Nav / Navigation System or the VW RNS510 RNS 510 MFD3 DVD system work in the A6/RS6 variant? I'm looking at upgrading the satnav system in my car but I'm a little confused as to which models to buy. I've seen the RNS-E system in an RS6 before...
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    Cam belt service at 80K and ..

    ... I have been told that a service update from Audi say that the 80K service does not need to include the cam belt service. it can be done at 100K. Does anyone else know this for a fact? I'd been told a few months ago from the guy i bought my RS6 off and he was doing some research for another...