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  1. wheatobear

    My fabia vRS

    m By the way the wheels are not red anymore Got it with 60k on FSH I like it hopefully gunna tune it abit
  2. wheatobear

    S4 fleece/jacket

    my dad has decided he wants to dress and inform ppl he owns an S4 where can i get a coat or fleece from that says S4 cheers
  3. wheatobear

    Haynes manual for 2005 S4

    my dad has bought a 2005 S4 and wants a haynes manual for it or something like.....anyone point me in the right direction??? cheers....this is the car he bought... Audi S4 Quattro ,Upgraded Wheels , HR Suspension New Tyres Low Tax Band, A4 RS4 | eBay
  4. wheatobear

    ignition aux position?

    just got my dials back from been repaired and it says switch the ignition to aux only! im guessing tht is position 1 where dash lights come on? can anyone confirm!?
  5. wheatobear

    cluster removal

    how do i get my clocks out to send em off to be repaired?? is it easy? thanks Daniel
  6. wheatobear

    new gauges?

    since i might have to replace my gauges is it possible to put gauges from a new A3 into mine? as ill be recoding the ecu and keys anyways!
  7. wheatobear


    ****** thing isnt reading right so got the fuel sender unit replaced thats fine! ... checked the fuses fine!! *** knowing my luck it will be the whole unit that is ******!!! expensive fix!! Rant over!!
  8. wheatobear

    fuse question?!

    right i think i know where the fuses are but does anyone have a list of what each fuse controls??? its a 1.8 non turbo need to see if the one tht does my fuel gauge is brokenn!! thanks ~Dan!
  9. wheatobear

    good renewal!

    got my renewal through and its rather good... but am i recieving forum discount as havent told you im on here! thanks
  10. wheatobear

    fuel sender unit?

    is the fuel sender unit for an S3 the same as for a 1.8? or are they completely different!?!?! thanks Dan
  11. wheatobear

    a3 1.8 non turbo to turbo!

    how hard or easy would it be to turbo my a3 1.8.... would be easier to just do full engine swap for cupra engine? what u guys reckon?? cheers Dan
  12. wheatobear

    Petrol Sensor?

    another noon question no doubt but how does the petrol gauge work is it a float or is there a sensor... cos i cant fill my tank all the way up for some reason but cant get anymore fuel in always clicks off...and my gauge fluctuates far too much one min i got a full tank next i got half then 3/4...
  13. wheatobear

    wheel details

    how do ppl its ur resident pest asking questions again looking at some wheel...and there 5x100 offset 35 there brand new but 3 of them is ET35 and 1 is ET45 but he says he will include a 10mm spacer will this be ok?! thanks Bear
  14. wheatobear

    More bulb help plz!!

    buying some new numberplate lights and there is 2 types listed... small 501 pushfit or long festoon ..which is it plz... its a 2001 Xplate A3 thanks!!
  15. wheatobear

    a3 help

    on the little screen on the dash it doesnt tell me the temp outside .. should it? just seen a pic of an s3 which is older than mine and its showing the outside temp? is it only s3's tht do!? cheers
  16. wheatobear

    exhaust question

    now then ppl... if someone is selling an exhaust from there S3 say would tht fit my a3 1.8(non turbo) or is the pipes different bores and a completely different fitment... or am i best off just getting a custom jobby!?! ta
  17. wheatobear


    hi there im pretty new to this ... im gunna be modding my a3... any advice on good mods is appreciated...gunna order coilovers end of the month and im on the lookout for wheels...but thinkin just normal s3 wheels for now..any other mods which are good?? oh and whats the difference between a...
  18. wheatobear

    clutch issue?!

    i test drove the a3 im gettin and the clutch seemed a little stiff coming back up when i pressed it...been told the hydraulic cylinder box(??) has been changed... could this need a new clutch!? cheerss
  19. wheatobear

    headlight Q!

    hi there am new here and will be getting some HID's for the new car... can someone tell me what bulbs i need? cheers Dan!
  20. wheatobear

    hey everyone!

    hi my names dan... i am getting a 2002 a3 sport tomorrow (non turbo) :( but still an upgrade from my MG ZR ... will be looking to mod it no doubt cos hey why not! looking forward to advice and tips thanks Dan!