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  1. fearLesss

    034 Transmission Mount

    Hey all, Got an 034 Transmission Mount I need to fit, as far as I'm aware I can't do it at home because it's right in the centre of the car and I don't think I have a jack that can give me that kind of clearance. I asked Shark Performance if I could pop it over for them to fit for me and they...
  2. fearLesss

    Paint Rust?!

    hey all, Was washing my car today when the paint flaked off just behind the front wheel then it happened on the other side too! Any help would be great, should I touch it up and clear coat it? Quite sad now I can see it.
  3. fearLesss

    Performance Brake Fluid

    Hey all, Do our cars have a 2 litre capacity for brake fluid, was going to get 3 litres of the castrol dot 4 stuff and wanted to make sure I was buying enough, has anyone had any experience with this? It's significantly cheaper than Motul RBF 600 and appears to be just as good...
  4. fearLesss

    Weird light thing, feature?

    Hey all, Had this weird experience with my lights, I pulled up outside my post office using my indicators (obviously) and I turned the car off but as I opened the door I got the “Lights On” warning when I had my lights on auto, but I forgot I had my left indicator still down and it left the DRL...
  5. fearLesss

    Audi S4 Passenger Headlight - possible fix?

    Hi buddy, Is it possible to take apart my passenger headlight to clean the inside as it's had the condensation issue and dried / burnt condensation on the inside which can't be cleaned off and I'm no where near skilled enough to be taking it apart to sort it out. If it is possible, how much...
  6. fearLesss

    Audi S4 B8 Custom Exhaust

    Hey all, had a custom exhaust done for me by Pipeworks in Fife, Scotland. Very long drive for me (midlands) but incredibly worth it, I'm so happy with it. These guys were recommended by Chop and I thoroughly recommend them as well, their attention to detail is exceptional for such a small...
  7. fearLesss

    Cluster Flicker

    Hey all, Late night drive back from Leeds last night I noticed the light behind the top of the rev counter started to flicker, did it for around 20 seconds then went away for an hour or so then came back with some bumpier bit of motorway. What's the actual solution to this, will Audi cover it...
  8. fearLesss

    Bluetooth name not changing

    Hey all, Just a quick quesiton, I changed the bluetooth name on the car from 'Stu's S4' to 'Luke's S4' and if I go on the car menu now and look it'll say 'Luke's S4'. But if I go to pair my iphone with the car on the list it'll say 'Stu's S4' Is there a possible solution for this, as the car...
  9. fearLesss

    Headlight Condensation Markings

    Hey all, Got some misting and markings on the inside of my passenger headlamp, is there any resolution for this except for replacing the whole thing? It's almost like there's a dried up ring from where the beam has hit the glass and dried up any condensation that was in there, it's almost like...
  10. fearLesss

    Spent some time on the S4 today...

    Hey all, Spent a good 3-4 hours on my S4 today, hopefully the results have paid off. I do like that feeling you get when it all comes together at the end though! Dodo Juice is what most of my collection exists of, and some Auto Finesse snow foam and RainX for the windows.
  11. fearLesss

    Key won't release from the fob?

    Hey all, Anyone had any issues with their fobs not releasing the metal/actual key when pressing the button? I have 2 fobs and one of them releases it just fine, but the other one I press the button and pull and nothing happens. I've had the button pressed whilst I've wedged a flat-blade...
  12. fearLesss

    S4 Slow Start up - normal?

    Hi all, Could you take a look at this video for me. This is consistent every time the car has gone cold, if I pop to the shops and come back it starts instantly, and you can see by the 2nd start at the end of the video it's almost instantaneous. Is it something I should be concerned with? Thanks
  13. fearLesss

    Which Oil?

    Hey all, Bought my car last week, I'm around half way on the engine oil level so I thought it'd be a good idea to prepare to top it up at some point in the near future. I have a 2010 S4 3.0 TFSI, the car had a full service by Audi around 2,000 miles ago but I have no idea what oil they used...
  14. fearLesss

    Taken a step into the Audi world!

    Hey all, This is my first Audi I've ever owned, after driving my Civic Type R around for a couple of years I found myself wanting more, which the civic couldn't give me, so I've taken a step into the Audi world of sport and bought myself an S4, I've had it just under a week and it's safe to say...
  15. fearLesss

    My first Audi! - S4

    Hey all, Taken the plunge and bought myself an S4, and I absolutely love it. The car currently only has 2 mods on it: RS4 Front Grill Wheels refurbed in anthracite I’d like to have the stage 1 remap, new intake and new exhaust at some point in it’s life, but coming from a Honda Civic Type R...