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    Wrong oil?

    Was driving along motorway and car decided oil was at min level so pulled into service station. They never had any 5w30 so I used 0w30 instead (20 quid a litre! :scared2:) Probably nothing to worry about but I'd like to be sure I ain't going to ****** the engine by driving onwards!
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    Running rich

    Vagcom reckons my car is running rich. 17545 - Fuel Trim: Bank 1 (Add): System too Rich P1137 - 35-00 - - to be precise. Its also complaining that there is a pressure drop between turbo and throttle valve. I've already replaced the DV with a forge one. I guess its possible the pipe...
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    Part ID

    Found a bit of plastic in the boot and no idea where it came from! It's L shapped (sort of) and looks like it slides onto something on one side and has a hole on the other. can't see anything obviously missing a bit. Part no written on it is 810.863.237 Anyone know what it is?
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    Easy brake question

    Anyone know what size of socket/bit I need for the caliper and carrier on my 1.8TQS? Brakes in bad need of changing, tools at folks and need to nip to halfords to buy the socket/bit. Great big pile of kudos available for the winner!
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    312mm brake upgrade

    I know this has been done to death but I couldn't find the answer after a search so.... Will the 312mm brakes fit inside 16" wheels? (2001 quattro sport ones if it makes a difference) Also anyone know how much audi charge for the carriers? Just wanna make sure prices I'm seeing aren't...
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    Running rich and temp

    Ran VAG-COM to see what the car was whining about now (abs sensor) and it also showed up this: Address 01: Engine Controller: 06A 906 032 BJ Component: 1.8L R4/5VT 0002 Coding: 10710 Shop #: WSC 06435 WAUZZZ8LZ1A113700 AUZ7Z0A1809399 4 Faults Found: 16486 - Mass Air...
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    Edinburgh council

    Its not enough the city is being torn apart for tram works (which incidently fewer and fewr people actually want but thats a different rant) but edinburgh council decide to start as many roadworks as possibly, quite often so many they don't have enough people to actually do all the work! I have...
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    quattro sport suspension

    quick stupid question: Is the suspension used in the 1.8TQS lower than other models or just stiffer? (2001 if it makes a difference)
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    No throttle response

    Something strange happened the other day. Started up my car (1.8TQS) and idled normally, fiddled with radio then moved off on idle only. Pushed accelerator and absolutely nothing happened. Car still idling (tho mildy erratic) sat for almost a minute with car idling and accelerator having no...
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    Hose kit and diverter valve

    Been poking about on your website and was wondering exactly what hoses are included in the forge kit for the 1.8t a3? Also, what's the difference between the two...
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    Remote locking/alarm problem

    In the latest attempt by my car to make me torch it, the whole remote locking/central locking stuff appears up the swanny. Remote no longer works (changed the batteries, still nothing). Unlocking drivers door manually only unlocks that door (I'm assuming it should unlock all like my old vectra...
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    engine errors

    Ran vag-com with cheapy ebay lead (cannae afford the proper ross tech one but suitably impressed enough to put it on my wish list!) and got the following: Address 01: Engine Controller: 06A 906 032 BJ Component: 1.8L R4/5VT 0002 Coding: 10710 Shop #: WSC 06435...
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    Is there a volume control on the warnings? Low petrol indicator is a lot easier to see than it was on my vectra (which was still perfectly noticable) and having my eardrums pierced is completely unneccessary. Especially when all the problem is, is low screen wash which doesn't need a big symbol...
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    Problem with opening boot

    Couple days ago, suddenly found I couldn't open the boot any other way than with remote. When I open the car I can hear a wee motor or something whirring away near the boot for a lot longer than it used to. Obviously somethings screwed. Can anyone identify what? (and provide a nice easy cheap...
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    Standard exhaust

    Is it supposed to look like this? :huh:
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    Removing electric mirror switch

    Anyone got an idiots guide to doing this? Is it supposed to just clip in so it can be prised out? Don't want to mark trim. Please tell me I don't have to start dismantling the door!
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    ebay diagnostic tool

    Anyone got/tried one of these? Or is it a complete waste of time/money?
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    Another noobie

    Hello y'all. :beerchug: Just acquired my first proper car :laugh: Its a black A3 1.8T quattro sport. A fair step up from what its replacing (a crappy poverty spec 1.8 Vectra that snapped its cambelt) Will be nice to have a car thats reliable (tho it would have to burst into flames persistently...