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  1. Meza

    People with ipod or MP3 aux-in lead to headunit - where do you run the cable?

    I've just got an aux in lead to run my mp3 player into my Symphony head unit on the CD changer connection. Where do people run this wire to in the cabin? I'd like to get it out either in the ashtray or the little coin tray underneath - can this be done, will I need to cut or drill any dash to...
  2. Meza

    Removing double DIN symphony headunit from S3 8L

    Easy chaps, I've got a lead to connect my mp3 player to the CD changer socket on my headunit. I was wondering how I get my current headunit out? It's a Symphony double DIN, single CD with tape. cheers Meza
  3. Meza

    Removing double DIN symphony headunit

    Easy chaps, I've got a lead to connect my mp3 player to the CD changer socket on my headunit. I was wondering how I get my current headunit out? It's a Symphony double DIN, single CD with tape. cheers Meza
  4. Meza

    Forge 007 spring colour for remap?

    Hi, I've got a Forge 007 diverter valve on my S3, it's been remaped - which colour spring should I be using? And what are the problems with using the wrong colour spring? cheers!
  5. Meza

    Clutch, Defcon stage 2 and ARBs fitted

    Finally I've had my majorly slipping clutch replaced for a Sachs paddle. At the same time I went for R32 ARBs and stage 2 Defcon suspension bushes. Plus had the front suspension top-mounts replaced as these were clonking big time. The car's been transformed! Now I can use the remap and drive it...
  6. Meza

    How to start an engine safely after sitting in storage?

    I'm after a bit of advice please guys... I'm going to start a car that's sat in storage for a while. I'm going to check and top up the oil if necessary, the battery is flat so needs charging. But I'm wondering about spinning the car over on the starter with the plugs out to get the oil pressure...
  7. Meza

    Custom Code ate my clutch!

    Just had the Custom Code stage one remap on my 2001 S3. It's clear to see my clutch can not cope with it, getting major clutch slip all the time. Anyone else experienced this after a remap? What's the bestcourse of action... replace with standard clutch or are there any good (but not too...
  8. Meza

    Toasted breaks? Help!

    Evening guys, I need your help please! I did a hefty stop in my S3 tonight, and got the usual massive fade afterwards, but now it feels like my brakes are completely shot. There is now next to no breaking force at all, and the pedal travels nearly to the floor. Only right at the bottom of the...
  9. Meza

    Nice rugs for an S3?

    My mats are getting a bit threadbare under the pedals, and I wondered where's good to get some new mats? I'd they had a (small) Audi or S3 logo that would be cool, but otherwise just decent quality carpets to fit. Any tips? Halfrauds is crrrrap.
  10. Meza

    What's the lowest MPG you've clocked on your DIS?

    I have managed to catch a glance at 5.3 mpg on mine under some pretty serious acceleration! What's the lowest you've had out of yours?
  11. Meza

    Naff MAF?

    I'm doing some digging in the VAGCOM forum for help with two codes I've pulled up (16395 - Bank 1: Camshaft A (Intake): ****** Setpoint not Reached (Over-Advanced) and 17536/P1128/004392 - Fuel Trim; Bank 1 (Mult): System too Lean I've seen people going on about MAF readings to see if they're...
  12. Meza

    Camshaft ****** setpoint not reached & fuel trim Q's

    Hi guys, I'm new to here (got myself a AMK engine S3 at the start of Sept). The emissions light came on so I thought I better get myself a VAGCOM. I've pulled down the codes and cleared them, and am now wondering what I should be doing about them. These are the codes and the info I found on the...
  13. Meza

    Burp noise from engine on acceleration

    Guys, I've got a strange noise that I can't work out on my S3 210bhp. When I get back on the gas after changing gear, or when starting to accelerate I get a funny burp kind of noise. The best I can describe it as is a frog doing a croak(?!). Sounds like it could be a dodgy valve, or a plastic...
  14. Meza

    Problems selecting reverse on S3 '01

    Hi I've just got my S3, hope I'm not already in trouble... had a problem selecting reverse today. It was a bit difficult to get it in, (ooeer) push down and move it across, but it just wouldn't go, no grinding though. Give it a wiggle and it would pop in and be fine. But then I tried to...
  15. Meza

    New Imola S3 owner!

    Hi everyone. I've got a stupid grin fixed on my face at the moment (it will be there for a while I think) - I just picked up my '01 S3 in Imola yellow this morning. I have to say I am truly impressed, it is a lovely car. It's on RS4 18"s, and I've just had the windows done. I keep on curtain...