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    BG 44K Fuel additive / engine carbon cleaner on 2.0 TFSI

    I doubt it would do much to help as the 2.0 TFSI is direct injection. There is a company called R - TECH who offer a complete carbon removal service. I saw it advertised on their facebook page a while ago. If you visit their page you'll see that these guys know the 2.0 TFSI back to front. The...
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    Is there any way to make a 1.8Tfsi Louder?

    Drill a few holes in your back box :tearsofjoy:
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    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    This is my new motor. Was my Grandads before me. 2012 2.0 tfsi Quattro S-Tronic, he's bought a Q3 and was kind enough to give me first refusal of what the dealer offered him. Very pleased with it. Gave it a machine polish with PoorBoys Black Hole Glaze and two layers of Blue PoorBoys Nattys...
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    Advice please: S4 avant or 2.0 TFSI 252ps avant.......Thanks

    You could always take out the finance offer to get a sweeter deal and then pay it off straight away, or use the 14 day cooling off period to find an alternative way to finance it. Have you ever considered leasing? Stable are doing a brand new (B9) S4 for £435 including vat for 24 months at 10k...
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    Advice please: S4 avant or 2.0 TFSI 252ps avant.......Thanks

    Hi mate, the MPG is pretty terrible on the 2.0 TFSI as well. I've got an automatic 2.0 TFSI Quattro and the fuel economy is roughly 20-25mpg around town and 30-36mpg on the motorway. If you're driving it hard expect around 15-20 mpg. If you go for a front wheel drive or manual then your MPG...
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    Does anyones DSG/S-Tronic rattle in P or N?

    Posted this in general as its more of a gearbox question rather than a specific B8 question. My car makes a rattling/thudding sound when it Park or Neutral. Its definitely gearbox related because when I put it into Drive or Reverse it goes quiet and you can just hear the engine. I can only...
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    Remapping help...

    Google R-Tech performance. Heard a lot of good things about these guys. This is were I plan to get my 2.0 TFSi remapped. They do a full health check on your car to make sure its fit for a remap.
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    DSG/S-Tronic Question

    Cheers, I've read they've got over four litres of fluid in so I was hoping it wouldn't make a difference. Thought it was the oil sump :flushed:
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    DSG/S-Tronic Question

    Me and a few friends were servicing my car tonight, new oil, filters, plugs etc... Stupidly loosened the sump plug on my DSG box thinking it was the oil sump. As soon as I saw the yellow fluid come out I knew what I'd done and tightened the sump plug back up straight away. Reckon I lost around...
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    Wheel thudding sound 10mph - 23mph

    I had this recently. Turns out my tyres were 'stepped' and I could feel lumps around the inside shoulder of the tyre. Caused by incorrectly inflated tyres apparantly. Got all four changed and the noise disappeared.
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    Worried about purchasing a B8 A4 1.8 TFSI (160) 2008

    £7,500 sounds a fair price to me. I didn't have any oil consumption issues, as far as I'm aware they plagued the 2.0 engines between 2008-2011. If yours has an oil consumption issue I'm sure it would have reared its head by now and have been repaired. I really liked my A4 and I've bought...
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    Pondering the meaning of life

    Pondering the meaning of life
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    Worried about purchasing a B8 A4 1.8 TFSI (160) 2008

    Don't want to rain on your parade, but I bought a 2008 1.18 TFSI manual S-Line with 45,000 two years ago and it was the most unreliable car I have ever owned. I was absolutely made up when I got the car but after a month of owning it both front wheel bearings went. I can't remember the exact...
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    2.0tfsi Intake manifold removal guide

    18447/P2015/008213 - Intake Manifold Flap Position Sensor (Bank 1): Implausible Signal - To be honest it doesn't really affect day to day driving. Its only when your pushing it/driving it hard it will sometimes hesitate for a second but will then return to normal.
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    2.0tfsi Intake manifold removal guide

    Hi Craig - Do you mean a clean up of the manifold and re-alignment? My throttle body was replaced however its still showing the fault. To be honest it doesn't affect day to day driving, just has a little hesitation every now and then. Do you think a forced induction terraclean would help?
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    Clunking/Knocking when pulling away

    Not having much luck with this car! Its making a single clunking/knocking noise when i'm pulling away from stationary just as the clutch bites and the wheels start to pull the car along. I can only describe it as a pop/ click noise which sounds like its coming from underneath the car somewhere...
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    Corrosion claim accepted

    I have an 08 with some bubbling on the inner lip as described by the OP. Do you know whether this warranty would also cover paint fade? The plastic sills on the body kit are starting to fade as well
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    Just purchased these. Any advice on how to fit them?

    Good work mate coming along nicely. I think you got a steal with those seats. Also a testament to the quality of the leather that they've stood up to so much abuse and have cleaned up so well.
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    Resonator Delete 1.8 TFSI

    Haha I've read that it doesn't make too difference... worth the money if I can't hear her moaning about my driving though!
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    My first Audi

    Love it mate. I think they look awesome in Red. Mine keeps costing me money at the moment but I keep looking at it and falling in love with it again. Only problem with red is they start to look pink if you don't clean them!