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    Can you test/check a clutch pack DSG s4?

    Hi all, Just wondering if there is a way to check the wear on the clutch packs on a DSG box in my 2010 S4 (yes I know... the troublesome year lol) It had the mech unit repaired at Audi a few months back and all was fine for a few weeks, then it gradually started to get lurchy and jumpy between...
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    3.0t how dark should the oil be?

    How dark should engine oil in these engines be? I’m new to petrols only ever had diesels before so used to oil blacking up but I didn’t think petrols did. had my car ask for a little top up of oil the other day so bought a manual dipstick so I can keep an eye on it, dipped it and noticed it’s...
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    Mech unit fixed, still not right?

    2010 S4 DSG Hi guys me again, I’ve recently had my mechatronic unit repaired by Audi themselves, and it’s come back with 99% of the problems fixed but it’s still not 100%, wondering if there’s anything else I can look at? It’s still sometimes hesitant to engage the right gear if you don’t come...
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    DIY mechatronic replacement, hard?

    Hi guys new on here, Just bought my 2010 S4 and surprise surprise the mechatronic unit has started to play up. It’s under warranty but reading between the lines I don’t think they’ll cover this so I’m thinking of attacking it myself, at least I know it’s done right then too. I’ve found a guy...