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  1. Sheldo

    Contacts list sync

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to upload the contacts list from an IPhone X onto an RNSE mk2. It prompts me on the phone if I wish to allow it but nothing shows up on the RNSE, I’m able to make and receive calls fine but have to dial out from my phone as opposed to using the unit to do so...
  2. Sheldo

    RNSE won’t let me enter code

    Looking for some advice folks. Just bought an RNSE (193 G) from EBay to upgrade the standard 192 Q system in my B7 RS4. Upon powering the system up it comes up asking for the code, but as soon as I try to put the code in it doesn’t allow it, the scroll wheel allows me to highlight 0-9 and OK...
  3. Sheldo

    Newbie from Scotland

    Hi everyone, Bought myself my first Audi a little over a month ago and wish I'd got one years ago. I have an A3 8P sportback 3.2, in black which is completely standard but I do intend on swapping the wheels, possibly for a different style of Audi wheels. Was struggling to decide wether to do...