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    Continuous Parking Brake Fault - replaced many times

    Hi there, hopefully someone here can shed some light on this annoying issue I have with my parking brake. Last year, I got a warning on the dash about faulty parking sensor. The garage scanned and confirmed the fault, replaced the rear caliper on the drivers side.. Then 3 weeks later, fault...
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    Will these wheels fit?

    Standard 18" wheel size for A3 is: 225/40R18 92V 8Jx18 ET46 5x112 Apart from the tyre size, I have no idea what the rest means :) I have seen some wheels I like but the size are: 5x100 ET35 They are advertised as a fit for audis, but what does the different measurements mean to me? For what...
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    BP Ulimate Diesel - is it worth it? 110k mileage

    Only just recently I have started to fill the tank with Ultimate Diesel, however I am a little disappointed so far as after 4 fills, I am getting less MPG than before on the cheap supermarket fuel :( It is costing me around and extra £15 for a full tank too. But is my 110k mileage A3...
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    AUX Socket Cradle part number needed (pic inside)

    Thanks to the help of someone on here, I now know what I need to install an AUX input into my RNS-E MKII. However, I now need to find the cradle that allows me to fit the actual AUX socket into place - looks like the same piece that holds the ciggy socket. Has anyone got one of these installed...
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    RNS-E MKII - I need to add an AUX input

    What's the best way of me adding an AUX input to my RNS-E MKII unit? I'd much rather stream music to my iphone these days rather than keep messing about with SD cards, but need a simple AUX input to send the audio to the head unit. Cheers :)
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    Symptoms of a failing flywheel?

    I had a remap done last weekend and the technician said afterwards that he didn't push it too far as he could see that the flywheel was showing signs of failure (slight knock?). Anyway, I've only just paid £1k on having a new turbo fitted so I'm not exactly flush right now. Although I don't...
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    White fog light LEDs?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for some tried and tested white LEDs for my fog lights please? After replacing the headlight and sidelight bulbs for a much whiter light, my fogs are looking very yellow now :( Cheers
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    Boot liner - need good examples please

    Other than OEM, has anyone got a good quality, well fitted boot liner for their 3DR A3? Got a dog now and the hairs get proper stuck into the boot carpet :) Cheers
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    Rust on wheel arch - 56 plate - covered by Audi Warranty??

    I've been told that Audi has a 10 year warranty on body rust. Is this true? and what are the chances of them actually sorting out the problem? Thanks
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    How do I remove the inner boot panelling around the boot light and sub?

    I can only see one torx screw just to the left of the boot light. What else do I need to do to take that panel out? Thanks
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    Flush fitting USB charger

    Does anyone have any recommendations for USB chargers to plug into the ciggy socket? I'm after one to charge my iphone 5 as well as being a neat flush fit sop doesn't stand out. I'm a non-smoker so this would ideally be a permanent setup. Thanks :) Preferences § 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - =...
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    Very bright white headlight bulb recommendations ***NOT OSRAM***

    I need to replace my headlight bulbs as the one has gone and would like some recommendations please. I fitted some Osram Nightbreakers about 18 months ago which are in my opinion, crap. Just as yellow as standard and no brighter. I want as bright and as bright white as I can get :)
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    Replacing diesel exhaust tail-pipe with stainless tail-pipe

    I'm in the process of getting an S3 lower rear bumper fitted onto my A3 Tdi and of course I'll still have those ugly black exhaust tailpipes curving downwards. I'd like to just replace these tail-pipes with oem looking stainless pipes. Can anyone point me in the direction of the closest match...
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    Is this bodyshop having me on??

    Recently had some repair work done which involved respray of bonnet, door and front bumper. They sprayed the door and blown it into the rear quarter and it seems to be a very good match. But where my front bumper curves round the side and meets the wing, I can see a difference in shade between...
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    Tow bar cover panel for S3 rear valance (part number needed) **NOW WITH PIC**

    Does anyone know the part number for a 2006 S3 rear valance tow bar cover panel? How much do they usually cost? Thanks
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    Extra strong adhesive sitcky pads..

    I've got a Parot hands free kit and it came with a sticky pad on the back which I stuck to the card tray on the centre console. Only prob is that when the sun comes out and warms up the inside, the pad unsticks and it falls off. I've tried a stronger pad from B&Q and the same happens. I dont...
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    Strange uneven tyre wear...

    I fitted some Falken FK452's at the front for the MOT, since then I have done about 15k miles and I now need another pair for the front again!! The passenger side wear is all on the inner edge, but the driver's side wear is on both sides of the tyre!? I had 4 wheel laser alignment done when...
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    Replacing side brake bulb

    I presume that this is very straightforward, but can anyone let me know of any difficulties I might get into? Are there any torx screws? Do I have to disconnect the battery before replacing the bulb etc Thanks :)
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    Brake light bulb

    Which of the bulbs on the following link do I need for my A3? It's one of the side bulbs that has gone. Brake Lights & Other Bulbs Thanks
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    Cheaper to spray or buy mirror caps?

    I've got a Lava Grey A3 and would like to have black mirrors so that they match my soon to be black diffuser and black grill. Am I best just getting my existing mirror caps sprayed black or should I just buy some already black mirror caps?