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  1. Terminator x

    Interested, who has a car vs car on order?

    As above really, who on here has one vs those of us waiting. TX.
  2. Terminator x

    RSQ3 Saved seat setting?

    Must have this surely? Can't easily see how to have 2nr drivers for instance without having to manually change the seat every time one of us gets in? 2022 car. TX. Sent from my BBB100-2 using Tapatalk
  3. Terminator x

    Give us some good news stories ...

    All this doom and gloom ***, tell us what you like about the car! TX. Sent from my BBB100-2 using Tapatalk
  4. Terminator x

    What are your RS1 and RS2 settings

    So as someone who still has to wait another 11 months for my car :busted cop: interested to hear how current owners are setting up their cars. Over to you! TX.
  5. Terminator x

    RS3 vs competitors

    You lot seen this? Won't spoil the result, just slightly surprised by the rolling results. TX.
  6. Terminator x

    Sportback Mapped PFL RS3 vs M2CS

    Belong to anyone on here? TX. Sent from my BBB100-2 using Tapatalk
  7. Terminator x

    Sold 2015 Audi S3 low miles (12,250), manual with full ASH

    Ok so the car is soon to be traded in and I've been offered £19.5k. On that basis if anyone wants the car for £20.5k you can as I'd rather an enthusiast gets her vs a stealer. Car is on P/Heads albeit £1k cheaper here. =========== Glacier white to the usual high Audi Spec with full Audi...
  8. Terminator x

    Speeding TTRS

    One for @D0C TX. Sent from my BBB100-2 using Tapatalk
  9. Terminator x

    B9 RS4 items for sale

    Chaps. Some may know that I sold the RS4 :( So I have the AP Racing brakes for sale and the JFA Tuning box. Both half the price I paid with prices to follow when I work them out. Brakes and box both installed Oct 18 so were only on the car for 6 months and about 6k miles. Afaik AP Racing...
  10. Terminator x

    2015 Audi S3

    Chaps. In to Audi today with the wife's almost 4 year old S3 saloon to see if we can swap it for something else. Any idea re private sale price just to compare to their no doubt rubbish PX offer? Car is a manual saloon with just under 10k miles and FASH. TX. Sent from my BBB100-2 using Tapatalk
  11. Terminator x

    New upcoming RS6?

    Anyone know when it might be released + Spec details etc? Been in the 4 for a year now so it may fall in to place quite nicely :innocent: TX.
  12. Terminator x

    B9 RS4 vs RS6

    Ha ha not what you thought when you clicked this ;) Interesting ish to see the the dims of the current RS6 vs the B9 RS4 as not much in it anymore (about 200mm longer and 100mm wider): RS6 Wheelbase 2,915 mm (114.8 in) Length 4,991 mm (196.5 in) Width 1,986 mm (78.2 in) Height 1,461 mm (57.5...
  13. Terminator x

    B9 Low battery warning

    Fairly sure I saw an A4 / S4 thread on this. Car just 11 months old, seems too soon for a dud battery. Anyone else had this? Presumably just get a new one sorted? I feel the dreaded RS tax coming on! TX. Edit - interestingly the car has started saving battery power as the light in the boot...
  14. Terminator x

    B9 Jukebox?

    So I was messing around in settings t'other day only to discover the car has a jukebox! What on earth is it and why is it "good"? I currently save music to a mem stick and use that. TX.
  15. Terminator x


    So first year of renewal and quotes are close to £1k with £750 excess! Who are you guys using and what ish are your premiums? TX. Sent from my BBB100-2 using Tapatalk
  16. Terminator x

    B9 "loads of water coming out your exhausts mate"

    So I overtook someone today on a DC and we both stopped at some lights shortly after. This chaps toots me, I look over and he says "you have water coming out your exhaust". I replied "probably just cold" to which he replied as thread title above. Is water from the exhaust ever indicative of "a...
  17. Terminator x

    First service B9 RS4

    So car is in for first oil change, £350 ***! If that wasn't bad enough when I got there they still have it down as my old RS3 in for 3 year service! Also advised me of a software update and when I enquired "for what" it turned out to be a RS3 update ... TX. Sent from my BBB100-2 using Tapatalk
  18. Terminator x

    What do you drive as your "daily" car?

    It seems a lot of RS3 owners have another car as a daily and just use the RS3 for special occasions, weekends etc. Just wondered what your daily car is? I used my RS3 every day and racked up 41k miles over 2.5 years! TX.
  19. Terminator x

    B9 R8 paddles ... will they fit a RS4?

    I can get them for a good price (considering a R8 product!) but don't know if they will fit or not. Audi telling me they are R8 fitment only but come on they must fit surely?! TX.
  20. Terminator x

    Sat Nav traffic warnings?!

    #rant mode on# Why is it so sh*ite? Warns me of traffic then drives me straight in to it. Yesterday it was trying to turn me right into a queue of traffic yet I could see that by driving straight on then turning right it could be avoided (!) which is what I did. So ****** off with it, such...