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    For Sale B5 S4 carbon trim blue weave

    Carbon interior trim from my S4, 6 pieces with all clips for fitting, very good condition with no cracks or damage to any of the pieces, dash pieces will be removed from the car tomorrow there is no gear surround with this £200
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    For Sale Breaking my S4

    B5 S4 breaking, 99 facelift with analogue clock, sunroof model, no saggy headlining, complete car and everything works apart from the egt’s Black leather interior with heated front seats, front armrest with no broken hinges Blue weave carbon trim, NO gear surround! 18z front brakes, powder...
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    Wanted B5 TQS recaro seats

    Looking for a set of tqs recaros for my S4 avant, preferably from an avant but will consider saloon seats, would also like them to be heated but not important if they’re not, willing to collect anywhere in UK to save hassle of a courier cheers Alan
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    A4 272 or S4?

    Evening all, I currently have a B8.5 2.0tdi quattro avant black edition plus, lovely car but at near 2 years old now I'm considering replacing it with something new and a bit more poke, Question is, is the S4 worth the extra £3-4K plus more running costs than the 3.0tdi 272? I haven't driven...
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    Breaking a tqs avant

    Just incase you didn't see my post in the other section, I'm breaking a tqs avant, car will be getting collected by scrap man on Monday so be quick if you need anything, Oil pump failed and I'm keeping the body panels to facelift my S4, bootlid and spoiler sold along with a couple other small...
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    Soon to be back in an A4!

    I will be returning to an A4 come the 1st September! Had a b5 TQS avant before i replaced it with a Q5 this time last year which has been a brilliant car, but we went into Dundee Audi on Saturday to have a nosey around the RS3 when I noticed a nice violet a4 saloon! I questioned about it and...
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    B6 S4 advice/opinions please

    Hi all, I am hoping someone could shed some light on an issue for me I went and had a look at 03 S4 today with intention of buying, the garage owner is on holiday this week so I couldn't test drive it due to something to do with the trade plates, it's currently out of tax Anyway I was all keen...
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    Gearbox bolt thread size?

    Does anyone know what thread size and pitch the bolts are for mounting the box to block? I need some to get the engine up onto the stand so I can strip the rest down Am I right in thinking they are m12x 1.75?
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    Quick wheel question

    Hi all, I have just been offered a set of 18" wheels from a A6 s line quattro 5x112 (thats all he told me) and wasn't sure how or even if they would fit my tqs heres the wheels They are from a mate who owns a powder coating company so they are being refurbed at no cost if I pay his asking...
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    Finally back in an audi

    Hi all, glad to say that I'm finally back in an audi and have no plan on selling this one anytime soon, my name is Alan and I'm from montrose, n/e Scotland i used to have a '98 kingfisher blue 2.8 a4 quattro saloon which I kept for around a year then regrettably sold for peanuts i then had...