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  1. Madmo

    Post your RS3 8V eBay finds,for sale items and classifieds links also WANTED stuff link to my DTUK pedalbox+ I have for sale any questions please feel free to ask me Thanks Mo
  2. Madmo

    For Sale DTUK Pedalbox + Bluetooth

    FOR SALE 8 month old DTUK Pedalbox fits 2018 8V RS3 Excellent condition Improve your Audi's throttle response with the plug and play DTUK® Pedal Box Plus. Compatible with Audi Rs3 saloon (8v) from 2012 onwards 2.5 tfsi quattro, 400ps/294kw, 2480 ccm. Cost £229 Sell £140 ono any questions...
  3. Madmo

    Strange Issue

    Well checked all tyres today and no wear on either edges. Any other ideas what it could be? has anyone else suffered this on their car?
  4. Madmo

    Strange Issue

    I haven't noticed any wear to the outer edges of the tyres but I will have a good look tomorrow when I'm washing it see what they are like. cheers
  5. Madmo

    Strange Issue

    Hi all I'm after some advice if possible to this strange issue I have noticed with my RS3. it's a 2018 pre OPF Saloon and I've noticed when it's cold pulling out my junction with the steering wheel slightly turned it feels like it's trying to spin the wheels a little even though I'm not...
  6. Madmo

    Traction control / ESP problem

    My 2018 FL saloon done this and it turned out to be the garage had fitted the wrong pirelli tyres to the rear. They fitted AO tyres while i had R02 on the front. They replaced the rears for Pirelli R02’s and the problem stopped it’s been 4 months now and It hasn’t done it again (Touch wood)
  7. Madmo

    Slight Stutter

    Hi yes my car has the staggered setup. Its booked in for thursday so will see what the garage say thanks for your info
  8. Madmo

    Slight Stutter

    Hi guys Just been out in the RS for a wee blast and noticed something. When i was driving along in 7th at 60 there was this ever so slight and faint stutter intermittently so i put the foot down it changed down into 5th then the traction control light started flashing and i had hardly any power...
  9. Madmo

    TDI-Tuning chip.

    Hi mate Im running a DTUK box on my S3 saloon and i love it, it has brought the car to life in my opinion its so much more aggressive now
  10. Madmo

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    I've had this problem loads of times but it seems to have fixed itself, I think I read somewhere it's something to do with Audi servers rather than your individual car.
  11. Madmo


    No once you select a Map it stays on that map until you change it again. I mainly drive mines in dynamic via the drive select but you can still put it into sport using the cars own it just makes it sound better.
  12. Madmo


    Yeah i see what your saying but i was more interested in how it felt under acceleration as I felt it was too flat and smooth without the box so its fulfilled what I wanted it to do
  13. Madmo


    Nah mate just feeling when driving
  14. Madmo


    Fitted a DTUK tuning box today to my S3 have to say I’m well impressed it has really brought the car to life. I have only really tried the Sport map and the Efficiency map. sport map makes it more aggressive around 3500rpm onwards efficiency map gives it equal power through the whole rev...
  15. Madmo

    Exhaust sound of the 8Y S3 when revved at a standstill

    I did for 1000 miles
  16. Madmo

    Exhaust sound of the 8Y S3 when revved at a standstill

    Ive done 1800 and it still sounds pants and Ive tried all different drive select modes very disappointed
  17. Madmo

    Remap - any experience or recommendations?

    I'm looking at the DTUK tuning box for my 8Y S3, claims it takes it upto 369ps seems decent to me and can be removed easily
  18. Madmo

    Issues with the A3 tech

    My main intermittent fault is Drive system failure when giving it some beans in S mode going into the stealers on tuesday to be checked