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    3.0tdi actuator issue

    How I stumbled across this I do not know, but suffice to say I am ordering two tomorrow. I have been driving my Touareg Altitude around for over six months with the light on and no difference in power or fuel consumption. Reason for this is that the stealer told me that it was £800.00 a side to...
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    Swap my car and give £250.00 for r32 mk5 2008 reg ? Thoughts ?

    Not that fully loaded if it doesn't have sat nav!! Too expensive to run and tune. Stick with the oil burner and save some £ till you can buy an S3.
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    Please advise ....firsttimer

    Confused here, you say you ordered at the end of July. We are not there yet. .
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    AmD Tuning - Essex - Wednesday 7th August

    Southampton is only about 120 miles from AMD unless your'e driving round the M25 twice!!
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    Lowering 2.0 tfsi quattro s line

    Ride is a lot less bumpy but still firm. Corners well too.
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    Lowering 2.0 tfsi quattro s line

    I fitted Vogtland 50mm lowering springs to my S Line Sportback. It actually dropped it 30mm and it looks and drives a whole load better than before. Vogtland springs are made by Eibach in Germany and actually drop the car evenly. Bought from DPM on here for £175.00. Very impressed with them...
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    why do i get wet when using wind screen washers ?

    Same problem with every Audi I have owned. I bought Heiki wind deflectors last year for my A3. Problem sorted.
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    Looks like S3 to me too. How much you looking at for the old one?
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    5w40pd oil in a s3??

    As above always use Castrol Edge. Often find deals at Asda or Fleebay
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    Stupid question time

    Had the same with mine, cleared it with a piece of semi ridgid wire. Overflow comes out the rear wheel arch.
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    S3 8P Roll on Road anybody no how to roll the 57 plate?????

    As above 4 wheel drive rolling road. Wouldn't even consider putting a 4wd on a 2wd roller, it will end in tears definately.
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    Passenger door wont unlock?

    Not answering your question but can you explain what Scandinavian mode and tear drop rear wiper are please. Liking the other mods too.
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    A3 2007 Heated Seats

    Typical car dealer, he was LYING to you.
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    Has Anybody fitted heated seat elements to there front seats ????

    Boys , you need to contact Johnny at JMB retrofits. He is on this forum. He is based in Hartlepool.
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    S3 I might be buying tomorrow....thoughts....?

    Thats rubbish, giving it away at 21k. They probably have about 4k in that deal.they are obviously selling enough cars to hit their targets at present. Walk away, and any money you like they will ring you within 48hrs to see if you are still interested, tell them to stuff it and you are buying...
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    Has anyone had DPF issues as result of a remap?

    Bet that was a CR engine and not a PD.
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    Has anyone had DPF issues as result of a remap?

    (I ran a mapped TT tdi from new for 3 years, travelled 14 miles a day in it (country roads) and never once had the DPF light on. The TT was rollered at 210 BHP and no soot at the back either (DPF left on), the car was a dream to own and drive, I'm still struggling to understand the horrer...
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    DPF Re-Gen

    Guys, I feel your pain with all the DPF problems you are having. When I had an A4 cab the light came on for the dpf and all I did was to put a brick on the throttle at 2500rpm for 20 mins. Never had the light come on again. Now got an A3 PD170 as a second car and that has come one once in the...
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    Blowing cold air on passenger

    If you have climate then you have a problem that I had last winter. The HVAC switch/sensor for passenger side has packed up. You need to run vcds and it will show you which switch/sensor is faulty. Mine cost me £107.00 from the stealers and took me about 2 hrs to fit. Lot less than the £700.00 I...
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    tdi 170 DPF delete and Remap done but DPF light on???

    I would take it to Rick and stop messing about anymore. How can you turn down an offer to have it done for nowt and only pay if it is sorted.