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  1. purdy1984

    Weird radiator fan behaviour

    Apologies in advance for lenghtly post but after hours of searching and reading I still can't pinpoint what I think must be a simple answer! For months I've been trying to figure out my overheating issue and think I'm getting closer just not close enough to fix! So when car gets to temp and...
  2. purdy1984

    Radiator fan switch location

    Hi - can some explain exactly where this is please or even better post a pic? Have the attachted but its not there? Its the 3 pin plug that i believe screwed into the passenger side of the radiator. Car is a S3 8P and was hoping to replace this evening :-(
  3. purdy1984

    New Thermostat?

    Been having issues with temp for last few months so been working my way through possible causes and thinking now it might be thermostat. When sat in traffic and not moving the temp goes above 90 and on a few occasions has maxed out at 130 on temp gauge. Previous had OBD readings which also...
  4. purdy1984

    What are these?

    Just wondering what these are floating around the expansion tank and if they should be loose or fixed? Look like filters but can’t really see what they’d do just floating around the fluid?
  5. purdy1984

    Water pump failure?

    Just pulled up at hospital and got out car and coolant dumped all over the floor. No signs of loose hoses etc so is this water pump failure? It’s due cambelt and pump next year but thinking it may have gone?
  6. purdy1984

    Should I keep the decals?

    Playing about yesterday with these stripes. Now my disclaimer is I did this myself to see if I like it and if I do will get done professionally and do bonnet.
  7. purdy1984

    S3 8P oil filter socket size

    Hi - got a week off next week so going to do oil and filter change. First time on this car ( done many others) but can someone confirm the socket size to remove oil filter please? I’ve read both 32mm and 36mm from searching. thanks
  8. purdy1984

    Smelly cabin!

    Afternoon all - so since last Sunday after driving in snow when I have my blowers on hot or cold it stinks. I’d say it’s abit fishy which I read could be coolant but checked all levels and no issue and none have dropped. No signs of any fluids in engine bay. Also had the cabin filter out and...
  9. purdy1984

    Shout out for the s3 in the snow

    Had an hour and 45 drive tonight to take my son home and got to say was very impressed with the car. Have to go up and down some really steep hills and it didn’t miss a beat as I went past numerous calls like a focus that had just given up!
  10. purdy1984

    Remove light switch dial

    How do I remove the dial from the actual holder? not matter what I try I cant get it out/off?
  11. purdy1984

    Should gearstick return to neutral

    So apologies if this sounds daft but should gearstick position automatically return to neutral on an manual S3 8P? So if i take it out 5th for example so don’t select a gear would you expect it to ‘pop’ back into neutral or just stay on the right between 5th and 6th? All previous cars I’ve own...
  12. purdy1984

    Another Clutch and flywheel question

    Hi All - following my post last week ago my clutch slip been getting various quotes for new uprated clutches and flywheels. Just got off the phone to a specialist so thought i'd check what you guys have done - so was advised that to do the change the subframe has to be dropped so all these bolts...
  13. purdy1984

    Clutch slip - how long will it last?

    Hi - recently joined as now own an S3 8P - just before I purchased the car it had a new clutch fitted which has now done around 300 miles. Recently I've noticed ( particularly in higher gears) the revs shoot up but this does not transfer into an increase in speed. Having done some reading pretty...