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    ColourMFA installation DIY guide for Audi A3 S3 RS3 8P - not a lie it's doable ;) ColorMFA upgrade retrofit

    Hey all in 8P land. Have another video to share that builds on the compatibility of the ColourMFA digital FIS instrument cluster upgrade to the 8P range. I originally played around with these on the 8L and the community loves them. It was a while before I thought to fiddle with it on my TT 8J...
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    DIY Guide Audi TT Mk2 Instrument Cluster ColourMFA upgrade. Detailed video tutorial

    Hey everyone here's the video installation guide for upgrading your Audi TT 8J's instrument cluster to ColourMFA or ColorMFA depending on where in the world you're reading this from. If you're not familiar with ColourMFA it's a retrofit for the instrument cluster which has HUGE capability...
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    ColourMFA in Audi TT Mk2 8J Instrument Cluster Upgrade - Fully working

    Have finally got this excellent piece of hardware working! It's a well known retrofit and well loved upgrade for the TT Mk1 8N. If you're new to ColourMFA you will see that it's an upgraded centre screen which brings tons more functionality at your fingertips. The standout features (for me) are...
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    Audi TT 8J Mk2 Instrument Cluster Teardown and ColourMFA Upgrade

    Hi all, Just posting an update here with an Instrument Cluster mod which i'm sure many have seen on the gen1 platforms. I have decided to bite the bullet and go ahead with the experiment in the 8J / PQ35 platform with ColourMFA. We'll start with the teardown of the TT 8J cluster. Just do you...
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    DIY Video Guide: Installing 6 pot 17z / 18z Brembo big brakes

    Posting this here for anyone who is looking to do this upgrade - it's an excellent, cost effective option. Video is on a TT Mk2 but it applies for anything else in the PQ35 (8P, Golf mk5, mk6, Passat and Jetta) family. All parts can easily be locally sourced, so it won't break the bank, and...
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    DIY Video Guide: Installing 6 pot 17z / 18z Brembo big brakes Audi TT Mk2

    Posting this here for anyone who is looking to do this upgrade - it's an excellent, cost effective option. Video is on a TT Mk2 8J. This will be a direct upgrade for the 8J as the TT's uprights are 15mm (which is thin compared to other model's allow hubs). Anything larger and you will need to...
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    Anyone repaired broken headlight level sensor?

    Have seen this happen to the rear headlight level sensor - does anyone have a repair procedure for the plastic arm?
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    Oil sensor delete from R32 swaps

    Hey all Little help here with an engine swap. What needs to be done to get rid of the oil sensor error when doing an engine swap with an engine without the oil level sensor.
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    034 Phenolic Inlet Manifold Spacer Stud

    So I've come across a shortcoming (LOL) Definitely looks like I need longer studs. Anyone know what part number I can use to help me get extended studs so the nyloc can grab onto something when I torque to spec??? Otherwise who knows the thread pitch? I know it is M8 x 30 from looking at the...
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    Fixed would like to change account email address

    Hi Admin, I would like to change my account email as I'd like to attach a password to be able to log in with other devices. Other devices seem to be having trouble logging in via the facebook option. Is this possible? Thank you Ian
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    Rear Parking Distance Sensors wiring ? Who knows how the wiring goes for this??? Or anyone have a wiring diagram??? Thanks
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    Propshaft guide bushing

    Changing out rear couplings I noticed the guide bush was stuffed and i could see the spring inside! (probably stuffed it by not removing the propshaft straight out) Part number - 191521137 & the following photo has it smack bang in the centre. (the white is where i can see a spring...)...
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    HVAC Controls - stuck, non-responsive, always on windscreen demister

    This is a tad annoying! Getting the car back from inspectors = windscreen demister is forever on and nothing else responds. Were they mashing the buttons or something to make this happen!? Has anyone else had this issue before? :)
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    Front seat lever

    noticed that my lever would just go up and then click with the front seat not being able to be pulled forward for access to the back. What's gunna be the best way to fix this? Looks like something should be on there to keep the bracket in place?
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    Propshaft/transfer case leak?

    I've been meaning to do this but because it's under the car i forget about it. My mechanic mentioned an oil leak under the car but it's not actually "dripping" oil but there is oil or grease (it's grey) around the prop shaft doughnut which looks like it's splattered onto the downpipe and...
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    Valve Guides

    So in trying to source valve guides I am seeing two part numbers which is confusing me 058103415 and 058103419 the 058103415 part number reveals more eastern/european results the 058103419 part number search shows up results that are on western sites same same but different? What about...
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    Manifold to turbo gasket size

    hey all. Are the k04 & k03 manifold to turbo gasket / port internal diameter different/same sizes ??? Thanks
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    tail light cluster wiring diagram

    Hi all! Can someone please share the wiring diagram for the rear light cluster? I need to ID which wires are the foglight and rear red lights/brake lights thanks!!!
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    3" inlet adaptor garrett turbo

    Just wondering if you guys reckon if this would be the same thing? vs. ???
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    Drop in HFP-A36HV o-rings

    i know there are 3 o rings that need to be applied but I got sent a kit without them (DW65v competitor pump). What sizes do I need or is it ok to use the old ones?