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  1. GGG_666

    For Sale Miltek downpipe S3 8v

    I have a brand new, never fitted, Miltek de-cat downpipe and front connecting pipe. This retails at nearly £450.00, I'll let it go for £350.00 collected in Cheltenham only. I dont have the box or the means to ship it. I've attached the info for what this will fit. I do not want to seperate the...
  2. GGG_666

    For Sale A3 8P2 headlights

    Ordered these by mistake, need them gone. This is for both left and right. Prefer not to split them. Brand new in box. £150 for both
  3. GGG_666

    For Sale Defi Advance BF water temp

    I accidently ordered the amber/red model and I needed white. Used this as a test fit until new one arrived. All leads included. £120 collected in cheltenham/gloucester area £130 shipped Thanks
  4. GGG_666

    For Sale Philips X-treme Ultinon LED

    I have 2 x pairs of H7 (one set slightly used) and 1 x pair of H1 that was opened and test fitted but never used H7 Used - £50 H7 New - £80 H1 New - £80 I can ship for an additional £8. Collection preferred in Cheltenham/Gloucester Thanks
  5. GGG_666

    Part number help

    Hello I need one of the number 11 in the attached pic but every site says discontinued. Its a 2006 A3 2.0Tfsi. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. GGG_666

    Cheltenham bound

    Cheltenham bound tonight, if anyone is on the A14, M42, M6 or M5 wave or flash... I'll be in the A3
  7. GGG_666

    Heater/Air Con controls VCDS question

    Over the weekend I had some parts installed and now when I adjust the temperature on my controls it will do both zones from one switch. Is there a way to correct this so I can control both sides separately? thanks
  8. GGG_666

    Homegrown Meet, Beaconsfield Services

    Does anyone go to this? It looks fairly big and pretty chill. Static German cars only I guess
  9. GGG_666

    Homegrown, Beaconsfield Services

    Does anyone go to this? Seems pretty big, would be a good convoy drive
  10. GGG_666

    Afternoon delight

    Someone from work decided I need some help with my car mods so they did this today.....thanks you generous mystery person who isnt man/woman enuf to own up to what you've done [emoji26][emoji35]
  11. GGG_666

    Murder It build

    Hello all! I'm Geoff and live in Cambridge Been on here for a bit now but I'm one of the quiet ones. Figured I'd share some progress on my car This isn't my first car build. I lived in Japan for 6 years and had a Toyota Starlet GT (1.3 turbo) then moved to the UK and had a MK4 VW Golf GTI...
  12. GGG_666

    Lug Nuts or Lug Bolts

    Has anyone made the switch from lug bolts to studs and lug nuts? There seems to be more options for locking nuts if I change over So I'm just wondering what length to get, I'm planning on adding small-ish spacers at the same time 5mm and 7mm. Any thoughts or has anyone done this?
  13. GGG_666

    Relocate charcol filter

    Has anyone done this to add a catch can between the drivers side headlight and screen washer fill? If so where did you move it and what was required? Thanks!
  14. GGG_666

    Rear Control Arm

    So I'm after some rear control arms so I can adjust my camber. any suggestions? 2006 A3 TFSI Thanks
  15. GGG_666

    2006 A3 8P reverse light

    Hi is it possible to change this to an LED and how much would it be shipped? thank you
  16. GGG_666

    new in cambridge

    hello, new on here from cambridge. own a 8P A3