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  1. D0C

    Back to the 5cyl gang

    After nearly a year without that glorious 5cyl engine in my life, I took the plunge and got myself a 2018 (pre OPF!) TTRS. After owning a PFL RS3 and TTRS I tried out a 991.2 C4S. Lovely car, but interior felt a major step back and the engine, while effective, just never sounded anywhere near...
  2. D0C

    Carwow Drag Race - Post WLTP

    Shocking how slow this TTRS roadster is. Mat Watson agreeing and blaming the GPF. I think I’ll be avoiding post WLTP TTRS’s and RS3’s...
  3. D0C

    Kerbed Alloy

    So after 10 years + of not kerbing an alloy, I did a proper job today. Coming out of a multi-storey car park, you know, the ones with the narrowest of exits on a bend and with 2ft high kerbs. Ending up catching my rear alloy. It's not so much kerbed in the normal sense, as very, very badly...
  4. D0C

    Facelift TTRS

    Facelift TTRS. They Nardo TTRS is the current model and IMO better looking. Not keen on the black side skirts...very RS5. Also note the fake rear vents in the bumper.
  5. D0C

    Roof Wrapping

    Firstly, apologies for posting this in the RS3 section, however, no one frequents the TT forum and the helpful forum members reside here ;) Anyway, I'm considering wrapping the roof of the TT. I know a few people on here have done this on their RS3's and wondered at the very approximate cost...
  6. D0C

    PFL vs FL vs TTRS

    I managed to dig out my old Autocar magazines to compare their performance figures for the PFL and FL RS3's and TTRS. They use the same stretch of tarmac with two road testers on board and a full tank of fuel so should be reasonably fair. 0-60mph PFL - 4.1s FL - 4.0s TTRS - 3.6s 0-100mph PFL...
  7. D0C


    I've kept this one a little quiet, partly because it all happened quickly and also I've been in Rome for the six nations rugby, but I picked up last week a very nearly new Nardo TT-RS with most of the bells and whistles on it. The chance of a great deal came up and it was too much to resist...
  8. D0C

    Exhaust valves stuck

    My exhaust valves have decided to stick open. Could be worse, they could've stuck in the closed position. Question, is this a simple fix for a dealership? I've tried shutting down and restarting the car numerous times and cycled through comfort and dynamic etc but no joy.
  9. D0C

    MRC stage 1

    After much debate, I decided to treat my PFL RS3 to an MRC stage 1 custom tune. Surprise surprise, the car ran more than the claimed figures, coming in at 380ps and 498nm of torque. Once Doug had finished, the car was running 439ps and a whopping 630nm of torque. Taking a closer look at the...
  10. D0C

    911 Turbo (997) or RS3

    Hypothetically, if you had the chance to get into a 997 turbo for a great price, knowing the owner etc and history of the car, would you go for that or an RS3? To me the pros and cons are: 911 Turbo pros - looks, badge, heritage, performance (at higher speeds), great residuals Cons - running...
  11. D0C

    RS3 (PFL) vs RS3 (FL)

    Sooo... I've been dreading writing my thoughts on my PFL vs the FL I've had for the day today as I know I'll be upsetting some people! Anyway, as promised here are my thoughts on the FL vs my current car, a 2016/16 Panther black RS3 which is mostly fully optioned except for pano roof. Looks...
  12. D0C

    RS3 (PFL) vs M3 Competition Pack

    So I've just had a good drive in an M3 Competition Pack. Here are my thoughts on it versus my PFL RS3. Looks Looks are always subjective but I think the M3/M4 look great, butch and purposeful, modern and fresh and just more aggressive looking than the RS3. For some, the wolf in sheep's...
  13. D0C

    Rusty hubs

    Posted this in the wrong thread. Anyway, the rust on my hubs is nothing short of disgraceful. It's a 2016 car and looks like it's 20yrs old! Is there a case for this to be a warranty claim? Surely not acceptable on a near £50k car?
  14. D0C

    Remap Options

    I'm getting ever more tempted to remap my RS3. Even the already low insurance only increases a minimal amount if I remap it. My question is who would you use? I'm probably more keen to get a custom map than one from Revo, APR etc. MRC seem to get good reviews... Finally, while I appreciate...
  15. D0C

    Warwickshire RS3's

    Does anyone in the Warwickshire area or surrounding counties have an RS3 that they have lowered? I'm keen on lowering mine but could do with seeing one in the flesh. I still want it to look like a relatively normal car and not slammed. Difficult to tell from photos. Thanks.