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  1. JohnboyC

    Really Iritating Tv Adverts....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I don't usually find buying cars a "Cinch" - sorry Rylan even with a 14 day moneyback guarantee there is no way I would entertain this method of buying a car. When it comes to TV adverts I start watching something 20 mins after its started and fast forward thru the adverts ....cos most are...
  2. JohnboyC

    What do you hate???

    Only a few things annoy me these days - i'm pretty chilled behind the wheel :) but here goes : Drivers of shitbox cars with pop and bang exhausts who want to do anything to get past you (and disturb my slumber at home). Drivers who drive up my chuff when I have no where else to go. Bell ends...
  3. JohnboyC

    2015 S5 - Love it !

    Hi Folks.......I sold my previous 2011 3.0TDi A5 QBE Coupe in Sept 2019 and purchased a 2015 3.0 S5 Coupe at the time......and I have been away from this site for a bit but have now returned :). Now if truth be told I do miss the torques of the old oil burner but S5 has a massive grin factor.
  4. JohnboyC

    Service question - gearbox oil change

    Had my 3.0TDi S-Line Quattro Black Edition S-Tronic Gearbox oil changed at 40K miles at my local Audi Dealer for £175. The local indy quoted £140. I was completely unaware of the gearbox oil change, and was reminded by Audi when I booked car in for a Big Service (£399) Stuck with Audi Dealer...
  5. JohnboyC

    The all new a5/s5 coupe

    Looks good to me ! The one thing I do like about Audi's is that the newly introduced models don't look madly different from the old ones (to the untrained non Audi owner eye - if you get me meaning) if you have a 2011 A5 its not looking dated overnight... Some of the newer BMW's look...
  6. JohnboyC

    Oil Level

    I called my local Audi Dealer and asked them to provide me with the parts to fit a dipstick to my 2011 3.0TDi Quattro A5 BE, and they came back and said, its not fitted at original build and therefore will not provide the relevant part number or parts to me.... be@st and Swanny365 have both...
  7. JohnboyC

    A5 3.0 TDI S-Tronic & Remap

    Very true.....but I only hang onto cars usually for 2 to 2.5 years and then trade up to another 3 year old car ......
  8. JohnboyC

    A5 3.0 TDI S-Tronic & Remap

    Yes, you can leave it in "D" and use steering wheel paddles and it automatically switches to M mode, or you can use the gear selector in centre console........if car senses that you are slowing down without dropping manually it will automatically revert to D mode eventually Me being a complete...
  9. JohnboyC

    A5 3.0 TDI S-Tronic & Remap

    Hi I have a 2011 A5 3,0TDi S-Line BE Coupe with S-Tronic (7 speed) box and its without doubt best engine /gearbox combo i have ever had. Mines just turned 40K miles, so no idea how reliable the S-tronic is on high mileage cars.... My sentiments about the car are the same as Swanny356, getting...
  10. JohnboyC

    Any Black Edition+ owners with Black cars?

    Are you talking a 2015 model BE ? Mines a 2011 - can upload a pic if you want......
  11. JohnboyC

    Buying A5 - What is the most reliable engine?

    Concur ! I found my 2010 2.0TDi 1 A4 Avant Quattro A4 170HP version beautifully built but a bit of a slug quite honesty. 1st and 2nd gear are almost like pull away with a caravan set up... The 3.0TDi Quattro A5 is flipping awesome....mine is the 240 odd HP Quattro Sline Black Edition.....and it...
  12. JohnboyC

    Estate agent dirty tricks

    One very dirty trick is that the Estate Agents will charge their percentage on the price advertised, not what it actually sold for .....If I could cut out Estate Agents completely I would.....
  13. JohnboyC

    Have good manners disappeared?

    Politeness and curtesy cost nothing........ The worst thing that seems endemic up here in the North West (Leyland, Chorley, Preston) are people pulling out in front of you at roundabouts......they are "supposed" to give way to vehicles coming from their right, but I get the impression they...
  14. JohnboyC


    OK folks to lighten the mood....I assume you guys have seen this.........speed it up to about 2:25 minutes into the video.....(my mates all take the rip out of my Audi btw - but its the best motor I ave ever had)
  15. JohnboyC


    Ive lost count how many times I have sold stuff on fleabay and I get messaged - got a buy it now (BIN) price? I will set a BIN price if I agree a price with a buyer IF no one has bid on it.....if someones bid then I stay with the auction..... As a seller though, what really annoys me is the...
  16. JohnboyC

    Oil Level

    What are the part numbers for the dipstick parts required for a 2011 A5 3.0TDi Quattro please ...and apologies if this has been discussed before - please point me to the right discussion thread.........TIA
  17. JohnboyC

    How long would you stay servicing at a main dealer?

    Agreed ! I will get my car serviced by Audi - but any big jobs that need doing will be done at an Indy !
  18. JohnboyC

    How long would you stay servicing at a main dealer?

    I have recently acquired a 3.0tdi A5 Quattr Sline black edition coupe that has just turned 38k miles. If it did not have full Audi service history I would not have bought it. I have also has the stronic gearbox oil changed by Audi as this will be recorded by them as having been done - so 12...