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  1. Callum-TT

    Looking at a Q5 sline plus

    So what's everyone's thought on the q5 s line plus? Looking at the 150 or 177 2.0 TDI in Deytona Grey. Been offered a very goo deal on PCP. What are they like day to day? I currently have a Kia Sportage AWD as a daily use family car so will be swapping that.
  2. Callum-TT

    A4 2.0 TDI torque settings

    Does anyone have the torque settings for the main and big end bolts please? Also if anyone is breaking one of these and has the oil pump transfer box to sell let me know. Thanks Callum
  3. Callum-TT

    Torque settings

    Hey guys I am wondering if anyone has the torque settings for my neighbours B6 2.0TDI A4. He needs the setting for the main & big end bolts. He's just done a bottom end re-build after failed oil pump. Thanks Callum PS If anyone is breaking a B6 2.0TDI and is selling the oil pump transfer box...
  4. Callum-TT

    Noob TT owner from Durham

    Hi all. I'm Callum and I've got a 2002 mk1 TT 225. Currently running stage 2 REVO with quite a few upgrades so far. Probably too many to mention. I had my car on the TTOC stand at ultimate dubs a couple of weeks ago which was fun. Anyway here's a couple of pics of my car