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  1. G4JSG

    Are you involved in a motorsport team, club or group?

    If you run a team, club or local group then I'd like to help. I run a business offering website hosting and I am willing to give this for FREE to help motorsports get online and allow people get involved more easily. You can use this to run forums, have a website showing off your club, sell...
  2. G4JSG

    Questions about Basic MMi on C6 (2007)

    I just, about 3 hours ago, bought a C6 Avant :D and I'm really happy with it...but have a few questions. I see it has bluetooth and Navigation but it's only the Red display with rough directions and voice guidance, no colour screen with map. So can I get an updated Map disc and if so how much...
  3. G4JSG

    Black 1988 VW Scirocco into Silver Time Machine

    Please excuse the plea.......BUT...and it's a big BUT I'm doing this years Wacky Rally, Lille to Barcelona, in July. I have the car bought and it's coming along nicely......but we seem to be struggling to get donations for our charities.......Credit Crunch I guess hasn't helped much. Please...
  4. G4JSG

    Traction control light always on 1st thing in the morning

    For the last 2 weeks now I have had the traction contorl light on the dash when I start my car first thing in the morning. If I drive for about 30 mins and then stop and start the car the light goes off for the rest of the day. Vag-com shows the following faults. Address 03: ABS Brakes...
  5. G4JSG

    Head unit problems

    I have a Concert single CD head unit and it looks like my CD changer port is broke. Tried 3 CD changers on it now and they all fail to do anything on the head unit. The single CD works fine. So do I get a new Concert head unit or get an after market one? I have the sub in the boot but not...
  6. G4JSG

    A4 B6 VAG-Com help

    I have got all the bits and ready to fit cruise control and aslo try and alter the door locking system The cruise fitting instructions start with "Select Coding. Enter the correct coding for your car" I'm stuck here. where do I get the coding form my car? I have done an auto read of the fault...
  7. G4JSG

    HELP. Need to find a part for my car.

    Some git has nicked some parts of my car and I'm trying to identify the part number so I can order them, my local Audi dealer parts bloke is brain dead so I need your help. Here is a picture of the front bumper of my car, I need the corner fog light surrounds from the corner of the bumper. The...
  8. G4JSG

    Now this demands your respect.

    Polished Bliss, you are wizards at what you do.....but I have just seen another wizard who just astonishes me....and he is only doing this as a hobby. Read all about it here.
  9. G4JSG

    Had some 1 on 1 time with my baby today

    I bought the car 2 weeks ago and this is the first time I've had the time to show it some love. Couple of before and after shots and one half and half shot. Now some "nice & shiny" shots. Then the fnished car shot. I'm so impressed with my efforts I had to share the pics with...
  10. G4JSG

    Audi Driver 2007 @ Castle combe

    Read and see what went on at the event yesterday. John
  11. G4JSG

    Just bought a 3.2 Quattro!!!

    Can't wait to pick it up, black, s-line, all the toys, just can't wait. One thing I am looking for a the brushed aluminium door caps, anyone know where I can get a set and also how easy they are to fit? thanks John:hubbahubba:
  12. G4JSG

    Babes for all, and it's for charity.

    As this is a charity thing I wanted to share this website with you in the hope you would maybe spend £13 on a 2007 calendar with Car babes all over it. It's to raise cash for the Wales Air Ambulance is a registered charity and relies entirely on donations to continue to function...
  13. G4JSG

    Check out these wheels. Would you buy a set?
  14. G4JSG

    Would you say this is a warranty claim or not.

    The driver windows switches and the plastic door handle are starting to look really shabby as the rubber covering is starting to come off abd it looks really ugly. Now in my head that is a bad design. If the pant on the outside of the car started to peel off then no one would buy an Audi. So...
  15. G4JSG

    A4 B6 2.5TDi Q Remap Help

    I am now looking at a remap to resolve the lack of power under 1800 RPM the 2.5TDi suffers and also to get more power from the motor. My car has the auto/tiptronic box and I'm told this affects which remap I can get. So which remap company/product is best. Cost isn't an issue, just getting a...
  16. G4JSG

    Audi Driver @ Castle Combe, pics & video

    A few pics and a quick video clip of the action and cars at the show yesterday.
  17. G4JSG

    Which lights are best

    The top lights, the Audi originals Or the bottom lights, dark smoked crystal. which are the best looking?
  18. G4JSG

    Does the 2.5 TDi have a cambelt or Chain?

    I asked the service guy at my local stealer and he didn't know. My motor is due a 49K service and as it's also over 4 years old they said it needs a cambelt I thought it was a chain? Thanks John
  19. G4JSG

    Am I mad or do you ever do this kind of thing?

    I have always loved driving and often get in my car and head off somewhere for a drive. I live in Stockport, near Manchester UK, and once wanted doughnuts so drove to Piccadily Circus in London cos Dunkin donoughts are the best ones, it was the only outlet in the UK at the time. Sometimes...
  20. G4JSG

    Service checklist anyone?

    My motor is nearly due a service. It's going to be around a 48K service and I wanted to know if there would be a defined list of items involved in it's service? I'm eager to find out which dealer knows what the service involves so I can compare prices whilst knowing they are all going to be...