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  1. randy4

    Transfer box failure…due to tyres?

    Been into Audi today to diagnose a droning noise coming from centre of car from 25mph upwards. So, turns out transfer box is knackered needing a 3 grand spend to fix it. (Car is stock FYI) on the Audi cam the technician pointed out that 235 tyres had been fitted to the 255 alloys! Stretched...
  2. randy4

    Controversial: upgrades without a remap?

    A thought thats bugging me: Is there any point/benefits from applying bolt ons to the RS3 FL without a remap. I know the car's ECU is pretty much massively different from how it manages its power compared to the S3 and the RS3 PFL. In that you will forever be fighting the ECU when applying...
  3. randy4

    Dipped mirror in reverse?

    My previous S3 8V auto dipped its passenger mirror in reverse but my FL RS3 doesn’t. Is there a way to enable this feature. Do i need to code it in, if so what’s best to use for the job? Massively miss this small feature!
  4. randy4

    Squeaky exhaust valve = new system!

    Just thought I’d share my story so far in brief around this issue... Bought my late 2017 model RS3 in December from a VW garage in Nottingham, great car and it drove well. My only gripes were that the rear pads look nearly gone and discs corroded. And that there was a squeaking noise from the...
  5. randy4

    For Sale MTM Cantronic S3 8V tuning box

    S3 8V MTM tuning box for sale - £350. Successfully been running on two S3 cars in turn (previous owner on here then my car for 18k miles before selling the car). This is aimed at the PFL model but might fit other cars. Looks like it works on Golf R too by the looks of the label. Gained...
  6. randy4

    Ceramic coating?

    Is it worth ceramic coating? How much should I be paying?
  7. randy4

    Breathing and Exhaust upgrades

    I’m a proud new 5 pot owner in a FL sedan. I want a few upgrades to lift performance only a tiny bit but mainly gain sound. My reason being I have 3 years warranty and doing a remap is a little out of the question for at least 18months so let’s hear the potential rather than feel it if you get...
  8. randy4

    For Sale S3 8V PFL a few bolt on parts

    Some parts left over or removed from my stage 1 PFL S3 before sale. Located in Doncaster but will post at additional cost considering the current situation. MTM Cantronic tuning box in fully working order. Works on PFL S3 only. Which gives around 60-70bhp from stock. - £400 Racingline Turbo...
  9. randy4

    £50 for nothing - change to Bulb energy

    Hi guys I changed from British Gas to bulb in 2018 and so far it has been £309 less for the year in comparison! A quick message to all to use my link and you will receive £50 for changing. Plain and simple, no catch. Click the link and you can do a...
  10. randy4

    DTUK version buying used

    im looking to buy a DTUK tuning box used to save some money on retail. Is there anything to look out for and are there different/ older versions to stay clear of?
  11. randy4

    OBD Theft protection?

    Hi Guys What has everyone done in regards to OBD theft protection for their cars?
  12. randy4

    Fixing rattling exhaust flaps

    Ive been reading up on the fix for the RS3 tin sounding rattle coming from the exhaust valves. I have a similar sound on my S3 but a lot less noticeable than the vid in the link. But I’m wondering if...
  13. randy4

    Sync air con left and right

    A quick question - how do you sync the left and right climate control temperatures to adjust both side temps with one button. In previous Audi's this has been possible. Have i missed something?
  14. randy4

    My PFL Nogaro blue thread

    I thought I’d start a nice progress thread around my 2016 Nogaro blue 8V. Personally this is just a place for me to see my car evolve. I’m wanting to get to 400bhp and doing some minor cosmetic changes and upgrades but no “Max Power” offensive alterations Anyway please feel to comment and...
  15. randy4

    Help turbo muffler delete racing line

    Help please... can anyone confirm if this is the wrong part for the s38v. The racingline muffler delete doesn’t seem to fit and has quite a different shape?
  16. randy4

    Racingline muffler delete kit - opinions please

    Ok so I want to gain a little more turbo sound and power through bolt-ons. I’ve seeb this 3 piece kit from racingline. Is it a good deal firstly, secondly what’s the rep on flexi intake hose over the...
  17. randy4

    Where to buy the right RS style grill

    So I’m wanting the honeycomb grill for my s3. I don’t want to stick the RS badge on or anything like that I just prefer the look of the honeycomb over the slats. I’ve been looking around on eBay, Ali express and some sites in Auz but they are all wrong. I’m after the black gloss look with the...
  18. randy4

    Roof wrap on 5dr...anyone?

    I’m thinking of wrapping the remainder of my roof in gloss black from the pano roof back to the spoiler? Has anyone done this and have a pic of what it looks like? I can’t visualise how it will make the rear spoiler look, I’m thinking the spoiler might stand out too much and look “stuck on”...
  19. randy4

    18inch vs 19inch Hatch

    On the pre-facelift model S3 8V do they do 19 inch alloys? Audi Lincoln told me that they were only available on the Sedan; is this true?