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    A4 - Broken / loose air vent mechansim, repair queries

    I have a broken / loose air vent mechanism in one of my rear passenger air vents (the ones on the back of the front central arm rest). It works going left/right, but not up/down.... I have no idea how or why this happened as obviously I never sit in the back! But the car is heading back from its...
  2. J

    A4 tfsi 2.0 - only 3k on the clock, oil change warning!

    I've had my A4 tfsi 2.0 saloon since last September and it's only done 3k miles (change of work circumstances after purchase...). Last week, the oil change required warning started coming up. Surely this can't be right, can it? Anyone had this at such an early stage?
  3. J

    V Spoke diamond cut alloy repair

    My A4 lease is coming to an end in a couple of months, so I'm thinking ahead to getting it ready for handing back. One of my V spoke alloys had an encounter with a kerb... it's not horrific, but I need to get it sorted. It's not something I've had to deal with before (both handing back a lease...
  4. J

    A4 S Line, Floret silver with black styling pack?

    Do any of you folks have an A4 in S Line trim, in Floret silver with the black styling pack? Currently configuring my new car and this is what I'm leaning towards, but I'd really like to see some photos before I go ahead. Coming from a Daytona Grey B8.5 Black Edition, love the black styling but...
  5. J

    Clipped a kerb already! New tyre needed?

    Decided to take my new A4 out to pick the little man up from nursery, without remembering that the nursery road is a dreadful, tight-squeeze, cars both sides, high kerbs alloy killer. Especially at pick-up time with every other ****** parent around :/ Tried to squeeze past a Chelsea tractor, and...
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    After seeing the B9, I'm happy with my new A4 Black Edition (B8) on order

    Hi folks, new to the forum having just got in a very late B8 order last week. I think I got a stonking deal - A4 1.8T FSI (170) Black Edition Nav Multitronic saloon in Daytona Grey, on a 2 year business lease at £181.50+VAT per month, £1500+VAT deposit (works out at £236.43+VAT per month across...