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  1. A3_Rider

    Audi S3 Repair - Any advice?

    My car was in an accident (not my fault) and went for repair, insurers own repairer. Been a couple of months now and when I chased it up they offered to give it back partially repaired until they can repair the remainder. The repairer deemed it not safe to drive but the insurer decided it was...
  2. A3_Rider

    New S3 Specification (2016?) Free Sat Nav

    Missing my S3 (been in repair for 2 weeks now :(). So had a quick look on Audi and noticed Sat Nav as standard, I paid 500! New Oct 2015 brochure. Anyway, if you've just ordered be sure you're getting the new version and you didn't pay for sat nav! Link Brochure If there's a thread already...
  3. A3_Rider

    S3 Drivers door arm rest

    Anyone with an S3 help? Gently lean your elbow on your arm rest attached to the drivers door. Does it move/do you feel/hear a movement? Doesn't happen on the passenger side.
  4. A3_Rider

    Build Week - Code 10 - Options?

    If the build week is code 10, options can still be added? According to my dealer the answer is no, Audi UK said the same but then agreed and said it's not their choice, it's the dealers. Apparently the manager won't do it, which simply put p***** me off, will be going to see him in person...
  5. A3_Rider

    S3 drivers - Unleaded vs. Super

    Can you guys tell me which you use and whether its noticebaly better or not? Fith Gear Golf Gti 35 test Fifth Gear Fuel test - YouTube
  6. A3_Rider

    Audi A3 3.2 V6 (Performance Mods)

    What suggestions would you have for performance mods, baring in mind its not as simple or beneficial as turbo systems. Also, who would you use? I am not sure who to use, I've rounded it up to Midland VW, Awesome Gti, AMD and JBS. I plan to get: H&R 25mm (+ wheel alignment settings not just...
  7. A3_Rider

    { Interior } Leather and dash looking tired

    So I sat in the car and paused to look at the interior, I notice a few rips on the floor, marks on the dash that countless cleans just don't seem to remove, very shiney leather, a shiny steering wheel...and some other things. I want to make everything look nice and new, but can't do everything...
  8. A3_Rider

    Immobiliser Mode (VCDS/Bluefin)

    I am going away for a few days and don't want the car to be able to start, afaik I can use transport mode in VCDS but this is useless if a person puts the key in the ignition. My bluefin is assigned to my old a3, can I still use it to activate the Immobiliser Mode on my new car? I will call...
  9. A3_Rider

    A3 3.2 V6 V A3 TDI [Costs]

    Thought I'd give a cost breakdown for an A3 3.2 V6 compared with the TDI, does help with decision making. Eye watering too :scared2:
  10. A3_Rider

    Bump n' Grind [not the good kind]

    When I am driving I hear a metallic scraping noise from the back of the car, at first it was as if a steel girder (!!) was under my car, I pull over and check and nothing is there and the exhaust is fine not loose. Today I drive off and it happened again but I carried on, it got so loud I...
  11. A3_Rider

    A3 V6 '08 - Engine sounds like its in neutral

    Had a strange problem earlier; The car was doing high speeds (legal of course:)) and when I let go of the rev and pressed the brakes it sounded as if the engine was in neutral, I then let go and it was ok, re-applied the brakes and it sounded like it was in neutral again. On the screen it...
  12. A3_Rider

    Insurance repair

    When a car gets repaired, it is my understanding you can choose the insurers repairer or an actual Audi garage - is this correct? Just need a bit more information if anyone can help!
  13. A3_Rider

    A3 V6 owners with DSG ... Revving engine

    Any owners give an opinion on this: When I leave the car in P mode, sometimes the rev builds itself up to 1.1-1.3k revs, I am not touching the pedal at all, when I change it to N it still does it. Then after a few mins it goes back below 1k revs, sometimes it doesnt until I drive off and...
  14. A3_Rider

    A3 57 Plate S line Wheels & Wing Mirror Caps - Quick Q

    I have the 20 arm wheels you can have fitted as standard from factory instead of the 5 arm, they are on an S line 57 Plate. I want to change them for the 5 arm, they are in perfect condition no damage etc. Would this be a simple swap if I used the 5 arm or did Audi have to change the wheel and...
  15. A3_Rider

    A3 3.2 V6 DSG drivers - Quick Q?

    When you drive your car from standstill and let the clutch drive, so not applying any power - where does your needle sit on the rev counter?
  16. A3_Rider

    Missing my A3 :(

    That is all... :sadlike:
  17. A3_Rider

    A3 Autolights - is this right?

    I have autolights, fitted from manufacturer and when I put it on O (off), the lights are very dim, but when I put it on auto or the 2nd option it turns the lights on (side lights I think its called? and then at night the xenons work fine. My question is; can the lights never be turned off...
  18. A3_Rider

    Interior smells like ****

    Unfortunatly my car got loaded with garbage bags, which must have had months old food, off milk and maybe a rat or two. Roughly 8 bags, all of them leaked (please dont ask I'm so upset right now) into the boot and back seats. So I took it to the albanians who spent 3 hours on it and paid £40...
  19. A3_Rider

    Millitek Exhaust - A3 2.0 TDI

    I'm checking this exhaust out My aim would be to achieve a bit more power/response, I already have a Superchips remap (works very nice) is this a good or bad move? Thanks.
  20. A3_Rider

    Wing mirror cover - 2006 A3

    I'm trying to take the wing mirror casing off the drivers door mirror on a 2006 A3. The current one is cracked and I want to replace it with a new one, but don't know what to do. I tried a search but can't find anything.